BMW Z4 in the Auto Bild test for 100,000 km: Fun and durability in one

The 100,000 km endurance test is easy for the BMW Z4. The Munich Roadster presents no problems, but it’s a lot of fun.

The most surprising thing about the Bavarian coupe’s endurance test is that even die-hard enthusiasts put up with BMW’s downsizing. “I never thought I’d say this” the service head, Mario Pukšec, wrote in the logbook: “But the BMW Z4 doesn’t really need six cylinders.” Racers at the Nordschleife do not take it badly that the core of the brand, sacred to traditionalists, has been converted to four-cylinder everywhere except for the top model M40i with an output of 340 hp. On the contrary : “The four-cylinder sDrive30i is perhaps the sportier car thanks to its 120 pound savings. And with a power of 258 hp, it’s also quite fast.

At the same time, Pukšec is simply saying what many people think. Shortly after its premiere in a German peer endurance test (in September 2019), the sapphire black roadster won a popular role in the editorial fleet: “Almost everything here is a great joy,” cheered Dirk Branke, deputy head of testing. And his partner Henning Hinze, who usually writes about classic cars for sister magazine Auto Bild Klassik, couldn’t help but become enthusiastic: “Fits like a glove! I don’t know why there are cars other than to tow trailers.However, in the end he criticized the sound as too artificial and added that he would also welcome a more thoughtful design.

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