Bolmens are more than just a toilet brush, Sweden explains

A campaign called Discover the Originals lists 21 popular products from furniture companies and shows the true purpose of the product name. Bolmen, for example, is a toilet bench or brush, but it is also the largest lake in southern Sweden. Misterhult lamp, in turn, refers to a village on the east coast of the country.

“We are proud of the IKEA brand. You could say several places in Sweden around the world have become famous through product name lending,” Nils Perrson, Head of Marketing Visit Sweden, told CNN.

He added, now is the time for people to find out what destinations are referred to by the names of these products. Simply because when you search for these nooks and crannies on the internet, it will be the product that comes up first. And it would be a pity if Bodviken Lake was repaired, which is located in a UNESCO-listed area such as a sink.

Not just the product name

Signs on this site now make it clear to visitors that this is not just a product name. “We appreciate that they named this product after our beautiful lake. Now we want to show the world that Bolmen is more than just a toilet item,” said local councilor Magnus Gunnarsson.

He added that the lake is a very popular place for locals. Therefore, this untouched part of nature should be known by people from all over the world.

A spokesman for the furniture giant also said it was time for people to get to know the places from which the products borrowed their names. “He deserves it. And it’s also fun, because you’ll learn the stories behind the names of some of our products,” said a spokesperson.

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