Bouzková scholar doesn’t want to rely solely on tennis

Update: 23.05.2022 08:37

Paris – Tennis player Marie Bouzková has an unusual preparation before the Paris Grand Slam. Instead of a tournament in Rome, he flew to the United States, traded his racket for a cape, and graduated from East Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree.

“I’m glad I made the trip. I spent the whole day on campus, then we graduated. I met five hundred other students. It’s also nice to see the professors, I’ve never met them in person, now we have a chance to talk a bit.” said Bouzková, who studies business with a focus on sports marketing and online management, so he doesn’t have direct contact with the professors.

“For one day, I felt like a 100% student,” he said. He had a great day with his family. “That was great for all of us. A bit of a crazy ride, but important.”

He preferred graduation over qualification for the clay tournament in Rome. “The decision was easy enough for me, graduation is a once in a lifetime,” she said, adding: “I bought the dress last year so I knew I was going. I’m just relieved that it doesn’t overlap with a grand slam, I don’t know. “What will I do. I’m glad it worked. Maybe I will be able to play at Roma in the years to come.”

He graduated from school so he doesn’t have to depend on tennis alone. “Having something that suits me after my career. I’m learning something new, I have more insight. And I’m enjoying it too,” said the 69th WTA World Player who earned two million dollars on the circuit. He can now use the title next to his name when playing tennis. “I wouldn’t show it that way, but in theory it would work,” he said with a smile.

Indiana University East works closely with the WTA organization and, like Bouzková, Venus Williams from America or Leylah Fernandez from Canada studies here.

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