Brazil: – Had a fatal allergic reaction

Early March, rower Waldonilton de Andrade Reis (43) was cycling with friends near the Ponta Negra beach in Manaus, Brazil.

The cycling trip takes an abrupt turn when the rower swallows a bee. He entered anaphylactic shocklife-threatening allergic reaction, according to the local newspaper G1.

Survive the helicopter trip: – Nightmare

The area that Reis traverses is popular for recreational and sports activities, but lacks medical facilities, according to the Reis family.

A family member told G1 that Reis had to wait a long time before receiving medical treatment. His condition at the scene worsened, while he waited for about 20 minutes with shortness of breath.

According to the family, the rower told those who tried to help him that he had swallowed a bug during the trip, and people were eager to help him.

A firefighter must have managed to revive Reis upon arriving at the scene, the local newspaper reported.

Fatal accident: - Gives a new light

Fatal accident: – Gives a new light

Reis was eventually taken to the nearest emergency room, more than eight kilometers away, and then sent to a hospital where he is being treated in the intensive care unit. After being hospitalized for 21 days, he was declared brain dead.

After the extraordinary incident, Reis’ relatives criticized the lack of health workers in the area.

In light of the incident, they hope that a better emergency medical service will now be established in the Ponta Negra area.

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