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The first of five meetings between representatives of the city, hospital, and the Order of the Brothers of Mercy took place in Brno, which expressed interest in taking over the operation of the Hospital of Brothers of Mercy in the city. This was stated by the deputy mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL). The first topic is health in data, others will cover the legal aspects of hospital transfers or the vision of a new city hospital. Hladík previously stated that taking over a hospital is not an easy matter, it needs to be completed, for example, by contracts with insurance companies and employees.

The Order has built hospitals in the past. Few buildings and land in the area are neatly arranged, other cities or states. The city operates the hospital under a long-term cooperation agreement. The hospital, as a municipal organization, then leased part of the building from the order under another contract, this contract expires in April and the city will negotiate an extension with the order for a week.

Director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (ÚZIS) Ladislav Dušek also attended yesterday’s meeting. “He’s got data from Brno and the county hospital. We learned that when we added the two municipal hospitals of Merciful Brothers and Trauma, they were the same size as the University Hospital of St. Anne in terms of the health care provided. “ Hladik said. He added that the analysis also revealed the need for the creation of aftercare beds in light of the aging population.

The next roundtable will take place on May 3 and will focus on the legal aspects of hospital transfers. Debates about the vision of the new city hospital are planned for May 18, meetings of health experts will take place at the turn of May and June, and in mid-June, convention representatives and city hospital director Pavel Piler will meet.

The city council recorded an order to take over the hospital in April. However, Hladík points out that if city organizations may have to disappear and new ones created, it is also necessary to deal with contracts and employees now owned by contracted municipal organizations. order order Martin Macek He said if there was a will, he was confident the order could take over the hospital starting next year.

Merciful Brothers Hospital is one of two hospitals operated by the city. The second is the Trauma Hospital. Both have about 500 employees.

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