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WANT TO JUMP HERE: Maren Lundby has been fighting for years for equality in the sport of jumping. Here she is on the plains in Vikersund, where jumpers can compete – but not women.

Maren Lundby, 27, and the other jumping girls can finally let go of the excitement: Until next year, they will be allowed to compete in ski flights.


– It’s just great. It’s like overflowing with joy. There was a very positive atmosphere in the meeting, and I was very happy, Maren Lundby told VG.

The Norwegian jumping star even sat in on the calendar meeting for the jump at the International Ski Federation (FIS) on Wednesday, where it became clear that the women could now get ready to jump on the ski fly slopes.

“Requirements” are requirements for 15 participants, all of whom must be over 18 years of age. The case was adopted by 14 votes to 0, with Turkey not participating in the vote.

“I think it’s first and foremost important that it’s happened, and then it’s okay with the restrictions,” Lundby said and continued:

– Of course it can be discussed whether there should be more, but I am very happy that it has. That 15 is allowed means that it will be a worthwhile competition. I support that decision.

BUBBLING HAPPY: Maren Lundby can cheer up once again. Here with teammates after World Cup gold on a big hill in Oberstdorf in 2021.

In theory, the FIS board could still stop Wednesday’s decision. However, this was not to be expected, because today’s professional committee jump – for the first time – came up with clear recommendations.

At a similar meeting at the FIS last year, Norway’s proposal to include women in ski flights lost 7 to 9 votes.

But tonight the wind has turned. And Vikersundbakken is considered the best, judged by technical criteria, to start with women’s skiing.

– It was a long discussion. From the start, there was a very positive atmosphere with lots of factual arguments about safety and all. This shows that this is the time now. Overall, just positive and very good, said Lundby.

– Today we make all countries agree that the girls will finally try the biggest ski jump in the world. In March 2023, the first race in ski flights for girls is scheduled in Vikersundbakken, Clas national team manager Brede Bråthen told VG.

– How would you describe the struggle for this to happen, Lundby?

– It’s been a long time coming. It’s very strange that it has to run in the end. I don’t really believe that will happen. There has been a lot of negative feedback over the years, and a lot of whose voices have been heard, Lundby said.

– Where does the negative feedback come from?

– The atmosphere for flying skis is not like this year, but from above. From those who decide.

– What does this mean for the sport?

– A huge amount. This will definitely be our most spectacular race of the year. That we can try our hand there and generally get a higher interest in our sport is important, says Lundby.

– Perhaps the most important milestone in the history of our sport, this is equivalent to girls being allowed to participate in the Olympics, says Bråthen.

CALLED FOR WOMEN’S JUMP: Clas Brede Bråthen, manager of the Norwegian national team, attended the meeting on Wednesday.

Norway and the manager of the Bråthen national team have joined forces for a decision that was finally decided on Wednesday night. Now the plan is to include women’s ski flights on “Raw Air” in the Norwegian snow next season.

Bråthen spoke at Wednesday’s meeting about women’s jumping and ski flying as the most important topics the sport is discussing.

– There are a lot of jumping experts out there. But I hope we can agree that the best experts are the women themselves, and their coaches. Is there anything more motivating for women than having the same opportunities as men? he asked at the meeting.

The Norwegian jump manager then concluded as follows:

– Let these girls take the next step so this sport will be even more fantastic in the future!

– I have to commend Class Brede for the way he talks about our case. A clear and distinct voice, and this wouldn’t have happened without him, Lundby believed.

SATISFIED: Clas Brede Bråthen and Maren Lundby are very happy after Wednesday’s decision. Here from the moment Daniel André Tande made his comeback on the ski jump hill last summer.

In an assessment presented at the FIS meeting, it was said that female athletes may need speed – between two and four kilometers per hour – on the edge of a jump to reach the same length as men.

Reference was also made to an internal survey among athletes and coaches in the sport of jumping, where most wanted to include women in ski flights.

Although Lundby thought nearly all of the arguments that came up during the meeting were good, there was one that he responded to. It was then asked what would happen to a woman’s body in an accident.

– Then I felt that I was a little frustrated and a little provoked. That would be too stupid, said Lundby.

When the World Cup in ski flights was held in Vikersund earlier this year, Norwegian girl jumpers got to see the circus from the sidelines.

Maren Lundby has stated that equal pay is less important than the battle to jump on the biggest slopes. Wednesday’s decision at the FIS is in any case, the sun marks a huge motivation for the 27-year-old who chose to drop out of the Olympics due to conditions related to his own health.

– How will it affect your own motivation going forward?

– It won’t be smaller in any case. It must have been there before, and it wouldn’t be any less accurate. It’s the extra carrots to look forward to, says Lundby.

– I feel that I am on schedule and there is a good chance for me to show up in winter. I am much more prepared than last year.

Lundby was named the “Name of the Year” in Norwegian sport after the election and the openness he showed:

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