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In a letter signed by several international supporting organizations, they said that for the last 18 months we have tried to work with FIFA and the Qatar World Cup committee before the World Cup.

Among other things, they have tried to “get concrete insurance and examples of how LGBT+ supporters, players, journalists and workers will be protected in a country that has criminalized your existence”

They said they had not received.

– It’s not good enough. We cannot, with a clear conscience, tell our members, the LGBT+ community or supporters, that this is a World Cup for everyone, they wrote in a press release.

– It is clear that the voices of supporters, especially from minority groups, are not taken seriously by FIFA or the Qatar World Cup committee.

The press release was signed by associations of supporters from England, Netherlands, USA, Norway, Wales and the larger group for the rest of Europe.

– We have not received any specific guarantees that LGBT+ supporters and residents will not be arrested for their existence. We have experienced total rejection of supporters through this broken process, they wrote.

– Won’t go down

Gjert Moldestad from Norway, who is also gay, was one of those who took part in the preparation and conclusion of the letter. He understands very well that LGBT+ supporters do not want to travel to Qatar because they are worried for their own safety.

Personally, I would never go there myself. I am not lucky. It had been promised that safety would be taken seriously, when it wasn’t delivered, so I understand very well that there are skeptics. This is actually a recommendation that people should stay home. It’s sad that people who love football, and want to follow their team, can’t travel to the World Cup because it’s not safe, Moldestad told NRK.

RESPONSE: Gjert Moldestad believes football should take letters from support organizations seriously.

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– I understand that people are very worried and do not want to go there. “It’s important for you to make this statement, and I’m really excited to see what FIFA’s response is now, if it’s something they might react a little bit and do something about.”

He thought it was “pathetic” that someone didn’t come any further.

– It’s sad for football. There is one more thing with the whole Qatar World Cup which shows how wrong they were to be awarded this championship.

NRK has been in contact with FIFA’s press department, who wrote in an email that they have regular dialogue with various support groups on the topic.

– Concrete answers have been given to address their concerns, and FIFA will continue to work with these groups and assure all LGBTIQ+ fans that they can feel safe, respected and accepted while following their team at the World Cup later this year, as at all events Another FIFA, they wrote in a statement.

NRK has tried to get comment from Qatari authorities on the case, but so far to no avail.

Can the flag be removed?

On Friday, NTB also reported that rainbow flags could be taken from supporters during the World Cup in Qatar to protect them from attacks. The explanation came from Major General Abdulaziz Abdullah al-Ansari in an interview with the AP news agency.

There he claimed that gay people or people in the LGBTQ category would be welcome at the World Cup in November. At the same time, he opposed the open promotion of LGBTQ rights during the playoffs.

“If he (a supporter) raises a rainbow flag, and I take it from him, it’s not because I really want to take it to offend him, but to protect him,” al-Ansari told the Associated Press.

Elite series football 2021: Stabæk - Vlerenga

RAINBOW FLAG: In the Norwegian arena, the rainbow flag has been used on the corner flag, among other things. In Qatar, they could lose supporters.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

– Because if it’s not me, other people around can attack. I can’t vouch for everyone’s behavior. And I wanted to tell him, “Please, you don’t have to fly the flag right now,” he explained.

In addition, he guarantees the safety of LGBT+ people during the World Cup

– Book a room together, sleep together – we don’t worry about that. Let’s not go into the individual and personal things that might have happened between these people, he said and added:

– Here we can not change the law. You cannot change religion for 28 days for the World Cup.

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