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A group of Middle Party politicians were on a cabin trip in 2016 when one of them sent Navarsete a very rude and harassing message on Messenger. To this day, none of them have claimed responsibility for sending the messages.

– Being open and honest about the truth is essential for trust in politicians. Therefore, the person sending the cabin travel message must take responsibility and stand up. As long as no one is in charge, the trust in everyone weakens, he said NRK.

Participate in a controversial cabin trip

One of those present at the much talked about cabin travel , is Bjørn Arild Gram of the Center Party. He regretted the message when he was sworn in as the country’s new defense minister this week. He added at the same time that he wasn’t the one who sent the message, nor did he know who did.

– I think it is unfortunate and unfortunate that someone is so stupid and unwise to send such a message, said Gram when asked by NTB.

Navarsete is critical of his own party’s notification system and says he himself feels that the threshold is too high for notifications. He also added that the cabin case report did not bother him today.

– But it clearly lives in Norwegian society because no one is responsible and thus makes the case dead. We can’t know what the truth is as long as no one is held accountable, Navarsete said.

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