Calendar filled by Olympics in Beijing or World Championships in Qatar

January 2022 – European Handball Championship and Australian Open

In January, the program also includes the prestigious Four Bridges Tour (January 6) or the pinnacle of African football in the form of the Africa Cup of Nations (starting January 9). The end of the first month of the year will be accompanied by the Australian Open – the first grand slam of the season will take place from January 17 to 30.

February 2022 – Beijing Winter Olympics

The Olympics are always in the spotlight this year, and the Beijing Winter Olympics will run from February 4 to February 20. Rugby fans will definitely take notice – the famous Six Nations Tournament is scheduled for February 5-19.

The weekend of February 4-5 will be the NHL All-Star Game, and a week later the two best NFL teams in the traditional Superbowl will compete.

The hockey tournament at the 2022 Olympics will be without NHL players.

Photo: USA Today

March 2022 – World Championships in Indoor Athletics and Formula 1 begins

The third month of 2022 will be motorsport month. The program includes the inaugural races of the new season, both Moto GP (March 6 in Qatar) and Formula 1 (March 20 in Bahrain). There will also be an indoor athletics world championship, which will be hosted by Belgrade from 18 to 20 March.

The highlight of the season then awaits elite biathletes – three World Cup events are planned for March. The latter will host Oslo, Norway, from March 17 to 20.

The Biathlon World Cup will culminate in March.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Pravo

April 2022 – World Championships U18 Hockey and Masters Golf

Before May and June athletics begin, the traditional Augers Golf Masters will be shown in April (April 7-10), and the U-18 World Hockey Team await the World Cup from April 21 to May 1. However, the senior team, which will take part in the Czech Hockey Match from April 28, will also take part in the event.

May 2022 – Ice Hockey World Championship and Champions League final

May is one of the busiest sports months of the year, and 2022 is no exception. The Swedish Hockey Match kicks off on 5 May, followed by the World Hockey Championship, which will be hosted by Finland from 13 May. Finally, elite cyclists will also see – the famous Giro d’Italia will take place from 7 to 29 May.

From 16 May, he will play on the clay courts of Roland Garros in Paris, and the final match of European football competition is also in the program. The Champions League Final will be hosted by St. Petersburg on 28 May, and the Europa League final in Seville will be played the week before. The full month of sports will end on May 31 in Zlatá tretra Ostrava.

The 2022 Champions League Final will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Photo: Adidas

June 2022 – Football League of Nations and Wimbledon

No long rest awaits footballers after club duties are over, as the Nations League is on the program in June, with the Czech national team set to face matches with Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. The famous 24 Hours of Le Mans takes place on June 11 and 12, and the prestigious US Open Golf Course kicks off on June 16.

After the French Open (June 5), it is certain that the elite players will not choose, because starting June 27 they will take part in the most famous tournament in the world, the grassy Wimbledon.

July 2022 – Tour de France and EC in women’s football

July will be marked by the most famous bicycle race in the world, the Tour de France will take place from 1 to 24 July. . From July 15 to 24, the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, USA, are also scheduled.

Pogačar Slovenia will strike a third win in the TDF in a row.

Photo: Reuters

Srpen 2022 – Vuelta a US Open

The cycling Tour de France will be followed in August by another “big three” stage, the Spanish Vuelta scheduled for August 12 to September 4. At the end of the month, two more major events will take place – the World Volleyball Championship will be played from August 26, and the US Open tennis will begin two days later.

September 2022 – European Basketball Championship in Prague

The sports calendar for September will offer two major basketball events. The big draw was the men’s European Championship, co-organized by the Czech Republic. The Czech national team’s matches against the likes of Serbia, Poland and Israel will be on display in Prague from September 1 to 18.

The women’s basketball championship is also on the program from September 22, the Laver Cup tennis will take place from September 23 to 25, and the women’s volleyball world championship starts on September 22. The month will end with the Czech national football team’s matches in the Nations League against Portugal (24 September) and Switzerland (27 September).

The Czech national basketball team will play at the European Championships in Prague.

Photo: Reuters

October 2022 – Women’s Rugby World Cup

The turn of September and October will be accompanied by Ryder Cup golf (30 September – 2 October), in October there will be four Grand Formula 1 and Moto GP awards, we will also find out the new MLB baseball winner – the World Series is planned from 23-31 October .

The Women’s Rugby World Championship kicks off on 8 October and will run until 12 November. The world championships will host New Zealand’s world rugby powerhouse. The peak of the season awaits tennis players in October – the Champions Tournament will start on October 30.

November 2022 – Champions Tournament and Champions Tournament

In the penultimate month of the year, the season will reach its climax not only for tennis players, who, in addition to the Champions Tournament (30 October-6 November), also have the Champions Tournament (date to be announced) and Davis Cup (date to be announced) to be announced. ), but also for Formula 1 drivers. The final race of the season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, is scheduled for November 20.

Kateřina Siniaková and Barbora Krejčíková will defend their double title in the Champions Tournament.

Photo: Refugio Ruiz, TK/AP

The world bronze defense awaits the Czech floorball player from November 5 to 13 at the World Cup in Switzerland, and on November 21 the highlight of the 2022 sporting year, the World Cup in Qatar, will kick off.

December 2022 – Qatar Football World Cup

The controversial football championship, which has been criticized for unsustainable projects and human rights abuses in the construction of the new stadium, will run until December 18. The sporting year 2022 will then conclude at the U20 Hockey World Championships, which will be played from December 26 in Russia.

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