Can people stop romanticizing mental illness soon?

  • Ida Kristine Sjøvik

    17 years

If one truly understood how the disorder “kills”, probably not many would think it’s “cool” to have it, the debater believes.

It brings down the feelings of people who are really sick.

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If you follow Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube, you’re probably already familiar with the emerging topic of mental health.

It has become popular for “influencers” to share their struggles with mental illness. But now it’s gone too far.

Be “trendy” to struggle mentally

Even after the Enlightenment came with new knowledge, mentally ill people were described as “crazy”. This is a bit left behind in today’s society, therefore there is still a need for working information about mental health.

But the openness in society that we see today has dragged the situation in the wrong direction. It seems to have become a trend to become mentally ill. Some well-known influencers seem to be “bragging” about mental illness.

Don’t shout «wolf, wolf». This demeans the feelings of those who are truly sick, warns Ida Kristine Sjøvik (17).

Anxiety and depression are the two most common disorders in Norway. It’s also a now “trendy” one to have. Many people claim to be depressed because of “depression,” or “anxiety” because of nervousness. Even though this is valid feelingno disturbance.

The degradation of mental disorders is detrimental to society.

Don’t let your emotions down

Anxiety is a disorder that can manifest itself in a number of different ways. Seizures and breathing problems are just two of them. Is this really cool to have? The romanticization of mental health reduces the feelings of those who are actually sick.

The offer of help for the mentally ill is worse than ever. This becomes more difficult the more people shout “wolf, wolf”. For many people, it is difficult to admit that they are struggling mentally. It’s even more difficult if the people around you, who claim they’re “struggling” right away, seem as unaffected as you are.

Society is characterized by a lack of knowledge. Understanding mental illness is difficult. It’s even more difficult when you don’t learn much about it.

If one really understood how the disorder “kills”, probably not many would think it’s so “cool” to have it.

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