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Casper Ruud – Ugo Humbert 1–3 (6–3, 2–6. 5–7, 4–6).

The Wimbledon tournament ended for Casper Ruud, having lost in the second round of the prestigious tournament. Frenchman Ugo Humbert was eventually too strong for the Norwegian, and won 3–1 in sets.

– He swept Ruud off the court in the last three sets, said Discovery commentator Sverre Krogh Sundbø.

Ruud himself does not completely agree with that description.

– It’s closer than I feared. I feel like I’ve really learned a bit about grass this year, Ruud told Discovery after the game and continued:

– I’m not too disappointed, and I’ll take that to the next time I play here, that I can play well on grass and.

Ruud, who is ranked six in the world and is seeded third in the tournament, was the second-round favorite. The Frenchman is ranked number 112 in the world.

– A big win

– It’s a big win. Ruud has been playing well for a number of years, so I’m very happy, said Humbert after the game.

This is the first time the Norwegian has made it to the second round of the Wimbledon tournament.

The Frenchman previously made it to the fourth round of the tournament, and admits he feels good on the surface.

CHEERING: Ugo Humbert could be cheering after the win against Ruud. The Frenchman is number 112 in the world.

Photo: Alberto Pezzali/AP

– I like to play on the grass, said the Frenchman with a smile on his face.

Ruud doesn’t have the same relationship with grass, and admits that it helps influence the outcome of games.

– Humbert has done well on grass in the past, and probably feels more comfortable on the surface than I do, Ruud told Discovery.

Best opened

Again the tennis match had to be postponed due to rain. But after about an hour of waiting, the game finally started.

Then it was Ruud who opened the best, and the Norwegian took the first set as usual 6–3.

The second set started more challenging, and at 1–1 Humbert broke. So, Ruud had to put in the work to turn things around. She couldn’t do that, and she lost the second set.

The third set started very promising, with Ruud leading 3-0 at one stage. But after a few weak rounds, the Norwegian dropped the set 5-7, and thus Humbert suddenly took the lead.

Ruud Wimbledon

TOUGH: Ruud gradually becomes hard on Humbert.


Lost in the fourth set

In the fourth set, at 3–2 to Ruud, the Norwegian had several chances to break the Frenchman, but Humbert fought back and leveled the match at 3–3.

That would be fate for Ruud, who wasn’t playing as well as he could.

– It’s a bad service game here from Casper, said Discovery commentator Sverre Krogh Sundbø during the fourth set.

Humbert struggled to get back into the match after refusing Ruud’s rest, and instead managed to break the Norwegian himself at 4–4. Then all that remained was to secure the victory for the Frenchman, which he did well.

However, Ruud has not completely finished on the grass at Wimbledon this time. Already on Tuesday, the Norwegian will be in action in the doubles tournament alongside American William Blumberg. Likewise Ulrikke Eikeri, who this time has Astra Sharma from Australia on his team.

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