Cat Cafe – A fun and relaxing read for long winter evenings Book Review (Lenka tveráčková)

Do you like novels about cats? Do you want to read leisurely readings while having fun? Here’s how the novel Cat Café, written by Charlie Jonas, is for you. Román is published by Ikar at the Euromedia Group. So don’t hesitate and start reading. Many fluffy cats are waiting for you.

Leonie is a German and French teacher and has an older neighbor, Zuzana, who asks her to take care of her cat Mimi for two weeks as she prepares for her final holiday in Ischia. She had lost her husband and could not cope with losing him. Leonie agreed, though she had no idea what she was getting into. Life with Mimi is really crazy and Leonie can’t handle it. Her friend Maxie opens a cafe and thinks she can take care of Mimi. It seemed like a crazy idea at first, but in the end he agreed. Her cafe became a cat cafe and many people flocked to her just to see the beautiful Mimi. He prepared a surprise for everyone. She gave birth to some lovely fluffy kittens there and this cafe is the most visited. The old woman was going to extend her vacation and Leonie was about to experience something she so desperately wanted. How will everything change? You’ll find out if you calm down and start the Charlie Jonas news. You can take turns immersing yourself in sunny Italy or rainy Cologne.

I really liked this novel and I read it with one breath. Since I love cats so much, it was love at first sight and an obvious choice. The novel was an excellent read. I’m a little sorry that Mimi and her lovely fluffy kitten can’t actually cuddle. That would be awesome. The book read very well. It is divided into 28 chapters, ending with an epilogue. What you may enjoy about this book is that the author has added the recipe for the most delicious desserts from Aunt Paula’s blue book at the end of the book. Especially for marble cakes with honest butter, fluffy apple pie with walnuts or cinnamon snails with raisins. The author makes me very happy and I definitely really like this stuff. I already know what I’m going to do next week. There is also a glossary of titles used by the author in the novel. In the front yard you will find a young woman who is looking at a white cat sitting on a chair. Looks like he said something to her, she must be mad at him. That Mimi would be doing something in her apartment again?

Cat Café is a romantic story about a cat and a woman who are looking for love and maybe something more. This is a novel about search, about new love, it’s never too late to start.

Example from the book:

My beauty, I save tonight for you, and all night if you will. I have prepared something good for us to eat, the champagne is cold in the fridge, come to me, I will wait for you, and then we will see where lust and love will take us …

“And he said he was going to meet his classmate,” said Maxie.

“Unlucky!” Suddenly his anger evaporated.

Leonie přikývla.

“But I’ll show him. If he shows up at the coffee shop again, I’ll fire him myself.”


“Sorry I snapped at you like that. It was basically for someone else.” Maxie glared at her friend. “W..Leonie? It’s a good thing you told me about it. I hope the bastard drowns in his sparkling wine.”

“Almost.” Leonie smiled a little. “Trust me, I’d rather tell you something better. It’s less tempting to be the bearer of bad news.”

A few words about the author:

Charlie Jonas is the pseudonym of a German journalist who considers cats to be very cute creatures. He lives in Cologne near Lenauplatz, where the story of his book takes place. He was inspired to write a novel by visiting a convenient store Books and Coffee Otis a Clementines in Halifax, Canada, where you can not only buy books and drink coffee, but also adopt a little cat.

Author: Charlie Jonas

Translated by: Olga Dobrikova

Genre: novels for women

Released: 2021, Euromedia Group, as – Ikar, Prague

Number of pages: 256

bookbinding: pevná s papírovým přebalem

ISBN: 978-80-249-4650-4

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