Mexico, a country to take the backpack and go on an adventure

Downtown in CDMX
Deaths day in Mexico City


Thanks to the tourist diversity of Mexico, there are places for all tastes, as well as for those who like to walk around the world with a backpack on their backs and discover the best corners of each place. That is why here we leave a list of places to take advantage of and take one of the cheap flights to Mexico, as they seem to be made for travelers who are looking to start a new adventure without spending too much money.


Guanajuato and its historic center

Surely, anyone wants to take the trip to this majestic place and worthy emblem of Mexicans, a place where backpackers will undoubtedly live unique moments thanks to its history, its cobbled streets and its many sites made to be surprised and amazed. Here you can easily walk through its streets and stay in places where many other travelers are accompanied by their faithful backpack.


Cascade of Cusárare in Chihuahua

The largest state in Mexico always has to talk about nature, because it has impressive waterfalls and unique mountains in the world. Over time, he has won the love for those who seek nature and unparalleled views, such as the famous Cusárare waterfall and its imposing fall that will surely envelop any traveler who visits it and could even become one of the favorite places to admire and see the natural beauty of our world.


The imposing Teotihuacán

This millenary zone is a fundamental piece in the visit to Mexico, because for backpackers it is something difficult to find in another part of the world. Zones of this type of historical and spiritual importance, the pyramids of the sun and the moon await you so that at their summits you will be full of energy and start the year in the best way, fully recharged and with a new perspective to continue with the more positive vibes.

Gods place
Teotihuacan Mexico

Xilitla, San Luis Potosí

If what you want are panoramic views that look like outputs of a movie, this is the place you were looking for, in recent times this site has become everyone’s favorite thanks to the mysticism and nature that surrounds them, so you must include to this destination in your backpacking trip plan. Few are the sites that gather art, nature and history to form a true place of admiration.


San Cristobal de la Casas

With an imposing nature, Chiapas will wait with open arms to live a unique moment in this small town that protects a lot of tradition and good habits. Without doubt, this town can become a perfect place to disconnect from the world and have a completely relax.



In the Riviera de Nayarit they are always ready to receive those who are looking for charming towns, and this is the case of Sayulita, which in recent years has been a trend due to its great beauty and unique places that allow us to enter a full state of relaxation, this is why many artists have decided to make this place their home.


Riviera maya beach
Sayulita beach

Take the opportunity to meet great destinations with your backpack and make one of the cheap flights to Mexico one of the best experiences you could have.

Acapulco, a destination prepared for friendly fun

Sport Adventure at Acapulco

Due to the natural conditions of this coastal destination, water sports are one of the most important tourist activities and favorites of those who take any of the flights to Acapulco, this thanks to its immense and beautiful beaches. This place is the best in Mexico for water sports and for anyone who visits the city can enjoy each of the activities that can be practiced in the magical atmosphere of Acapulco. In fact, the tropical environment of the place is so friendly that tourists don´t need to have experience in the sports that they want to practice, so fun is the main thing.

Descent of rivers at full speed

Spectacular, challenging and with a very adventurous atmosphere, is how we can briefly describe the rafting or descent in rivers. This is one of the best and most accessible activities of adventure tourism, and here you can practice in a paradisiacal environment, and on the other hand, the descent in rivers allows us to observe different species of animals and plants. The most suitable place to do it in Acapulco is in the Papagayo River, which if anything stands out, is thanks to its rapids and currents that can become class II.

Friendly Scuba Diving Acapulco

A more demanding water ride

However, if you enjoy more of the water around you, with extreme speed, and alone, then it is time to talk about the kayak. We are talking about another of the funniest activities available in Acapulco, which also has the intense flow of the Papagayo River. Sailing in a kayak is a more demanding activity of the skills of its practitioners, which is distinguished from rafting by relying entirely on the talent of a single person.

The most beautiful views that Wind Surf offers


Acapulco offers us in its beautiful coasts, excellent winds for the practice of windsurfing, large numbers of travelers visit this city to measure their skills in this extreme sport, with impressive pirouettes and remarkable deployments of nautical technique required to practice this sport. According to the level of experience of the athletes, a certain Acapulqueña beach corresponds to them, since some are more demanding than others.

Friendly Surf Acapulco

Sport fishing is the favorite of many

Another entertaining activity to do, and for many one of the preferred ones in Acapulco, is the friendly sport fishing, since it is one of the sports that gets to gather a greater number of tourists and locals in the city. Both the shores of the sea and the lagoons of Guerrero are recommended for fishing at a high level, in this case, in addition to the Acapulco bay, we recommend visiting the lagoons of Tecomate and Coyuca, which have perfect species to make a good fishing Day.

Sport Fishing Acapulco

In general, Acapulco is an excellent place to practice surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing and many other activities of the sea, because the privileged geography, the efficient tourism infrastructure that characterizes it and the service of the locals, are factors that will make the flights to Acapulco one of the best experiences, where everyone will spend moments of great fun.

The Year of the Pig in Mexico City

China Town in Mexico City

On February 5 officially beguns the Chinese New Year, this will be the year of the Pig according to Chinese astrology, which is related to the fortune by his considered, fertile and noble personality. However, this party is not limited only to his native country, there are several places in the world where it is celebrated in a very peculiar way and with much euphoria, and one of these places is Mexico City, which celebrates this lunar New Year in different points of the city and with great joy during the first week of February. Therefore, don´t hesitate to celebrate this Chinese New Year to have good fortune and positive energy, take the opportunity to take one of the flights to Mexico City and take a trip to the following places that we will mention, where you can receive it in big.

Chinatown of Mexico City

chinese dragon
As its name says, this is one of the places par excellence to live this holiday to the fullest, here you can live this festival in a traditional way, enjoy demonstrations of martial arts, the traditional lion dance, the dragon parade, Chinese drums exhibition, special gastronomy and traditional rituals of this culture. The neighborhood is located in the Historic Center of Mexico City, very close to the Palace of Bellas Artes, it won´t be difficult to find because the music and the joy of this celebration will show you the way forward.

Confucius Institute

One of the best spaces to learn the Chinese language in Mexico City is the Confucius Institute, and during this season, it will open its doors to enjoy various activities such as workshops, festivals, dances, music, dance, lectures, gastronomic samples and even projections of classic and modern cinema of this country. Don´t miss the opportunity to learn more about this interesting culture and expand your horizons, the place is on Monte Stanovoi Street in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood, it is not difficult to get there.

China Town Confucius Institute

National Museum of World Cultures

For the fifth consecutive year, the National Museum of World Cultures joins the celebrations of the Chinese New Year with a program that goes from the presentations of the dance of the lion and the dragon. A conference about the Chinese calendar, Feng Shui and Metaphysics, workshops so you can learn more about this culture, singing and dancing presentations, parades, martial art demonstrations and many more surprises, they are waiting for you in Moneda street of the Historical Center.

Chinese Calendar animals

If you were looking for the perfect excuse to encourage you to take one of the flights to Mexico City, this has arrived and what better than with a whole party that will last a full week, where besides learning from a millenary culture, you can eat the best of its gastronomic delights, without forgetting that you can also take a short walk around the city to celebrate at every point. Also celebrate this Chinese New Year in Mexico; it could be the beginning of a tradition so that at some point you celebrate as it should in the real China.

Playa del Carmen and its secret river

Secret river in mexico
Secret river in mexico
Río Secreto


Río Secreto is a place of supernatural beauty, hidden and perfectly preserved in the Riviera Maya, which you can meet in your next search for flights to Cancun, since to be exact, this is located in Playa del Carmen, one of the most beautiful and spectacular destinations that you can imagine.


The history of Río Secreto

An iguana that was persecuted by a farmer from a community near Playa del Carmen, disappeared among some rocks, the man who didn´t want to stay with the desire of the exquisite eggs and the tasty meat of the animal, removed the stones and in front his eyes, a river of crystalline waters appeared, which until then was secret. This was how Río Secreto was discovered in 2006, a thousand-year-old underground stream of great beauty. A group of explorers went into the cave and was surprised by the galleries that looked like palaces of glass and the halls with great rock formations that seemed to be taken from a fairy tale. Currently this wonderful nature reserve is visited by people from all over the world who seek to know the unique beauty of Río Secreto.


What to see in Río Secreto

The Rio Secreto tour is listed as one of the best experiences of “green” tourism, before entering the cave with the underground river, they will provide you with the necessary equipment according to the tour that will be carried out, as well as food rations and drinks. On the way, you will see beautiful sets of rock formations and listening to the guide’s explanations about how these structures took shape by accumulating millions of years of mineral salts in the waters. You must walk carefully to avoid slips and falls, also, for times you have to bend down to avoid natural obstacles, and sometimes you will have to float, because the water reaches above the knees.

You will see and feel the sounds of the fauna that inhabits the cavern, particularly bats, these animals are the only mammals that fly it and its echolocation system is so perfect that one will never shock you. Rio Secreto is a network of caverns and underground waters in constant exploration, so on your next visit you will surely find something new to see.


The restrictions to enter Río Secreto

Rio Secreto is managed by people with an almost obsessive concern for the preservation of the environment, and people who love nature can enjoy it no matter if it rains or if there is a radiant sun. The nature reserve is managed with strict conservationist controls, so you can´t enter with objects that can be lost, the use of cameras is restricted because the excessive use of artificial lighting disturbs the life of the local fauna, but by running out of photos don´t worry, as a photographer accompanies the tours. And the most important thing, only use biodegradable sunscreen and repelents.

Biodegradable sunscreen and repellent

The travel time between the center of the city of Playa Del Carmen and Rio Secreto is between seven and twelve minutes, this depends on the means of transport used, so it is a perfect place to discover in your next plan to choose one of the flights to Cancun.

The best places in Mexico to challenge nature


Extreme sports make us feel adrenaline in heaps and make us put our skills to the test, as well as practicing them gives us the opportunity to know some of the most beautiful tourist destinations that can be reached through Mexican airlines. If you are a lover of the most exciting sports, then continue reading the post to know more about the places you must visit to live them to the extreme.


Jalcomulco, Veracruz

The Veracruzano municipality of Jalcomulco is one of the best places in Mexico for rafting or river descent. The La Antigua River, which passes through the town before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico, has sectors of varying degrees of difficulty for you to have a great time descending at full speed through its turbulent waters. Other extreme sports that you can enjoy in Jalcomulco are climbing, rappelling, zip lining and mountain biking.


Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua

This system of seven ravines, located in the Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua, has extensions and depths greater than the Grand Canyon of Colorado. It is enough to go by train by the bridges that cross the ravines to feel a series of emotions and a lot of vertigo. In Barrancas del Cobre, you can do canyoning, climbing, rappelling, kayak descents and many other adventure entertainments. In the Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park, you can travel in a cable car over an abyss of almost 1,900 meters with spectacular views and descend in a zip rider of more than 2.5 km, traveling at the incredible speed of 135 km / hour.


Cola de Caballo Waterfall, Nuevo León

This beautiful waterfall of 27 meters high is located in the Magical Town of Santiago; its peculiar name receives it due to the way in which the water falls, because it remembers the shape of the tail of a horse. On one side of the waterfall there is a platform 70 meters high for bungee jumping, which will get you to get adrenaline as ever, there are also 600 meters long zip lines that pass between great trees.

Basement of the Swallows, San Luis Potosí

It is one of the most impressive natural monuments in Mexico and is considered by many specialists as the most spectacular vertical cavern on the planet. It is located in the Potosina locality of Aquismon; it has a depth of 512 meters, and the entrance of the basement on the surface. It has a diameter of 60 meters and the cavity widens to reach in the background the area of three football fields, a mythical place among those who practice rappelling.


Peña de Bernal, Querétaro

The landscape of the Magical Town Queretano of Bernal is dominated by its imposing rock, the largest monolith in Mexico and the third in the world in size. The 288 meters high monolith and its volume are intimidating and the most expert rock climbers climb it with all the precautions, even veteran climbers recommend not to climb without the company of a connoisseur of the routes.

Peña de Bernal, Querétaro


Organize with your friends or family to live an adventure in one of these places that can be reached so easily by one of the Mexican airlines, and thus reach the limit with the funniest extreme entertainment in Mexico.

Aguascalientes: A state full of places to discover

Iglesia de Aguascalientes al atardecer

If you are considering taking one of the flights to Aguascalientes, but you don´t really know what you can find in this small but great state, then we will give you a little guide of the place, so you can convince yourself to visit this tourist destination where you can relax and escape of the routine.

Andado turístico Calvillo en Aguascalientes

The State of Aguascalientes is located right in the geographic center of the Mexican Republic, the name of this city is given by the thermal waters on which it is located, which are also a tourist activity for all ages. Some are still in operation and open to the public for their enjoyment, providing benefits to physical and mental health due to their natural properties. Thanks to its geographical location and size, Aguascalientes enjoys a wide variety of activities and although more than one may come to think that there is not much to do here, to know more about the place we can see that it has much more to offer.

Although it is a small state, Aguascalientes has three magical towns, all no more than an hour by car or truck from the city center, each one focused on a specific type of tourism and with activities for the whole family.

The magical town of Calvillo

Famous for its ‘chamucos’, a sweet bread of texture between soft and crunchy, its exquisite guavas, as well as the food, liqueurs and drinks derived from it, because thanks to its location and climatic conditions this fruit that turns out to be the badge of Calvillo, abounds in the region. Here you can also enjoy nature in its dam where one can relax in the multiple places that offer temazcal service.

Real de Asientos

Another of the magical towns of Aguascalientes, where you can find underground tunnels of 60 meters in length, which you can visit to admire paintings from the colonial era. Since then they have been kept underground, some even from the eighteenth century, in addition to enjoying these cultural attractions, the place has tours to some historical sites, such as the famous “Casa Larrañaga”, old house that came to belong to one of the founders of the town. Another of its attractions is an elevated aqueduct that also dates back to the 18th century, made of stone that remains firm until these days.

Vista de Real de Asientos en Aguascalientes

San José de Gracia

This will be your favorite place if you want to find tourist activities related to adventure, since its main attraction are its ecotourism activities. Since here you can venture into boat trips, launch from a zip line in the adventure park “Boca de Túnel” or just walk the cold mountain range and its ranches with beautiful views and unique sunsets that both distinguish Aguascalientes.

Due the towns are quite close to the capital of the state, it is highly recommended to stay in this to be able to make the most of the flights to Aguascalientes and travel each of them while we also travel the city and fall in love with this colonial city.


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Cozumel, the island with everything necessary to be called paradise

Cozumel beach view

Cozumel has become one of the best tourist sites that Mexico has, and all this thanks to a series of characteristics that have taken it by the hand for many years so that today it presumes to be the paradise to which everyone wants to go. In addition, taking any of the flights to Cozumel has become one of the must-see trips for every traveler who loves beaches.

Cozumel resort view beach

The best access routes

Cozumel is an island located in the Mexican Caribbean where it can be reached by sea or air, so it has its own International Airport. The port of Cozumel is one of the most important tourist destinations for both national and international cruises, due to its modern and efficient port infrastructure that houses three international cruise terminals on the same island. One of the busiest is the Maritime Terminal of San Miguel where the ferries arrive from Playa del Carmen.

Beach Cozumel

An excellent city with classic essence

In Cozumel, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a first world city, thanks to its boutiques, cafes, craft shops and restaurants. In addition, this Mexican paradise has a large number of exclusive jewelers that give it an even more special touch. But this doesn´t confuse you, because Cozumel is a quiet destination with a picturesque essence, because walking along its boardwalk you can find sculptures and monuments that show you its tradition of diving, because if this island is well known internationally it is for the practice of diving, there are even schools where visitors can be certified, this tradition emerged in 1961 thanks to Jacques Cousteau, declared to Cozumel one of the most spectacular sites to dive.

Snorkel at cozumel

A natural and historical wealth

One of the best qualities that this destination of the Mexican Caribbean has is its transparent turquoise waters, thanks to this it is also a perfect place for snorkeling and diving, as marine life is observed in its entire splendor. It has a large number of beaches to submerge in the reefs and you can find all kinds of specialists. In fact, Cozumel doesn´t have extensive beaches because the rocky area predominates, so it is necessary to respect each of its spaces, being an island you can also enjoy the jungle or visit the botanical gardens that are here. In addition, you can swim with dolphins and visit an incredible beach that is known as a sea turtle sanctuary. Cozumel also has a historical legacy because more than 36 Mayan cities were built, which to date are open to the public, such as El Cedral, an area in the jungle where the oldest structure of an archaeological site is located.

Scuba daving

This Island, far from being a place where you couldn´t find what to do, becomes a paradise by offering a destination where you can do almost any beach activity with the best natural scenery, so the flights to Cozumel not only show us a Caribbean paradise , also lets us know a perfect city for everyone.

Ideal destinations to travel through Mexico with children

Where to go when travel with children

Traveling with the youngest of the home can be tedious if you don´t plan your destination well and the activities that can be done in the destination, that is why to make your life easier, we have compiled a list with the best Mexican destinations to travel with children. Destinations which could save you time and money resulting in some of the best cheap flights to Mexico, in places where you and your children can enjoy your vacations with fun activities and places to explore.

Xcaret in Quintana Roo

Full of blue water eyes, emerald walls and a Mayan atmosphere, Xcaret is an ancestral paradise perfect for the whole family; this is due to its different areas and the wide variety of tourist activities. Here you can find a wonderful underground river, a bird farm, a butterfly farm and reef aquariums, a place where you can also do activities like snorkeling, meet huge turtles and enjoy various shows throughout the year.

Xcaret, cenotes, Mexico


This beautiful capital has a wide variety of activities ranging from theaters and concerts, to great and fun outdoor shows, such as the puppet festival that takes place during November in San Miguel de Allende. Another amazing place that your children will love is La Nave in Celaya, it is an interactive museum where your children will know about the space and have fun with science workshops, during the afternoon you can walk through its streets full of historic buildings to enjoy a site full of colors, ideal for your children to relax and sleep deeply.

Africam Safari in Puebla

Located on the outskirts of the city of Puebla, Africam Safari is a refuge that offers lots of fun for children and adults. This famous conservation park has huge outdoor areas where your children can be close to the more than two thousand five hundred animals that roam freely. You will also find areas where you can take part in ecological activities and live shows.

Jirafes at African Safari, Puebla

The Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve, Veracruz

This reserve starts from the northeast edge of the Catemaco lagoon and expands to reach the Gulf of Mexico; it is one of the best destinations for children and teenagers who love adventure and nature. Its great variety of ecosystems allows you to learn from loving and caring for the planet. The best thing is that in the reserve you will find many activities such as kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, hiking in the forest, learning about traditional Mexican medicine and reforestation.

Guacamayas at The Tuxtlas

Monterrey, Nuevo León

In Monterrey, you will find many options for the little ones to have fun, from exploring the majesty of the Huasteca Canyon, to enjoying a day of safari in Bioparque. You should also visit the Fundidora Park, where you can rent bicycles to admire the view from their viewpoints or visit the Oven 3 where the Steel Museum is located. There are also boat rides that run through Santa Lucia until you reach the Macroplaza.

Cheap flights to Mexico don´t have to be synonymous with boredom for the little ones, since they will find pretty fun places where besides having fun, they can also learn about environmental conservation.

Become an inhabitant of the place where you travel 

Sunset at Los Ángeles

It is almost certain that at some point of your trip it has passed through your mind to stay more days than you had planned, postpone a little more your airline flight and stay to enjoy the wonderful destination that never ceases to amaze you the more you know it. Going from being a tourist to one more inhabitant and doing it every day in this new place that you don´t want to say goodbye can be quite daring, considering that certain responsibilities should be set aside at home. That’s why here we let you some tips to leave everything ready before making a more lasting trip, precisely so that everything is without slopes and you can perfectly enjoy your adventure.

A decision taken

Before starting to organize this experience you should leave something clear and ask yourself if you really are convinced to make this trip, of course the answer is yes and for this step you are more than determined to live this kind of adventure, you must be completely committed to this and not postpone it anymore. With this we don´t mean that you only take your suitcase and launch yourself into the adventure, although it could be an option for later. It is time for you to start planning your trip considering the savings needed to be there, the place where you can maintain an accessible stay, the places where the food can be economical and other aspects that you will be reviewing more in detail while you are setting up your trip.

airline tickets to mexico

A budget well thinking

Once decided, it is time to start investigating the way in which you will develop in the destination, think that if your trip is prolonged for a long time you will also need many resources. So fill yourself as much as possible with information regarding costs and establish a budget so you can have an approximate of the money you need to save for this experience. You could even consider working at the destination so that you have an extra inflow of money and don´t finish your resources so soon, who knows, it could be the beginning of something very good.

Positive Atitude

A prepared house

Leave your home ready for your absence, with this we are referring to free yourself of all the pending that your home may have, from the payments of services such as electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet, even the security. You probably have a family member or a friend of your trust, with whom you can leave your house in charge and try to keep you up to date on how you are and, in passing, that nobody suspects that it is alone.

A flexible itinerary

As we said before, planning is important, but we know that it is impossible to have everything under control and that includes putting every moment into our itinerary, so prepare yourself so that life will surprise you and thus be able to live this type of trip in a more flexible way than usual. It is good to organize some trips to know the most important places but it is also good to let each place surprise you and find a way to solve some challenges that you didn´t expect.

Planning itinerary on vacations

Therefore, if the round trip airline flights are left behind for you, take these tips and experience a new way of traveling, leaving everything ready so there is no pretext that can stop you and start a new life.