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Rating of girls pictures – New rating:

A Russian court has reversed a decision to strip Aleksej Moskalev of custody of his 13-year-old daughter after he was convicted of criticizing the authorities. In late March, Moskalev was sentenced to two years in prison for criticizing the authorities.

The fear is back

They thought it had stopped. But now it turns out that the residents of Daisetta, Texas, were wrong. The sinkhole, which had been in a kind of hibernation for 15 years, started growing again. – That’ll be a pool for

Astrocast sent four 3U space units into space

Swiss nanosatellite IoT company Astrocast sent four 3U space units into space on Saturday, according to a stock exchange announcement Monday morning. “This launch is an important milestone for Astrocast’s IoT nanosatellite network, and allows the company to increase its

Get Media Manager in Bergen on May 10th

Aimee Reinhart of the Associated Press comes to Bergen to talk about how local journalism can be strengthened through the use of artificial intelligence and new technology. He joins Schibsted director of data and technology Sven Størmer Thaulow in sessions