A best taste of City Guatemala

A best taste of City Guatemala

Businessman Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga invites tourists from Guatemala to get to know the flavor of his country through a small list of dishes.


Although this dish is eaten only once a year for the Day of the Dead, it is one of Guatemala’s most beloved foods. It is prepared with almost every type of meat you can imagine and is mixed with a vegetable marinade.



This amazing dessert uses two important ingredients in the Guatemalan diet, plantains and beans. When you take the first bite of plantain and discover the bean filling, you will know why rellenitos are a must in every home in the country.


These little balls that look like donut centers are a common dessert during the Christmas season in Guatemala. Made with flour and a little aniseed, they are the perfect dessert for those who love fried things. And don’t forget to drizzle a little honey on top.


Champurradas are the perfect addition to coffee in Guatemala. These are a type of crunchy sweet bread that you won’t find anywhere else.

Molletes or Torrejas

Molletes are extremely popular during Holy Week in Guatemala, although you can find them all year round. These little balls made of cornstarch and flour are dipped in a light honey that will make you lick your fingers.

Molletes or Torrejas


Guatemalan ceviche is the perfect cure for any hangover. Pair it with some soda crackers and gallo beer and you’ll feel like new again.

Plantains in mole

If you are a lover of plantains and mole then this will be your new favorite dessert. The combination of all the flavors of mole plus the consistency of the plantains makes this one of those dishes you can eat for any occasion.

Plantains in mole

Beans with chicharrón

If you’ve never eaten beans with chicharrón, you’ve never lived. Beans are an essential part of the Guatemalan diet and when you mix them with chicharrón, they become one of the best dishes you’ll find in the whole country. Make sure you have your tortillas ready because you’re going to need them.


 Monterrey, the ideal city to enjoy Nuevo León 

Poza azul monterrey

 Many travelers consider that when you take one of the flights to Monterrey Mexico it will be a completely business trip, because this is what characterizes this city. However, the reality is that the city itself has its own tourist attractions, and added to this its location; it is perfect to know many places of Nuevo León, so unique that every traveler should know. Therefore, when you travel to this city, you should pack comfortable clothes to visit historic places, squares, alleys and natural beauties.

Villa de Santiago

Enjoy a few days at the Magic Village Villa de Santiago, which is only half an hour from the city. To get there you have to cross the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra de la Silla, the view is enchanting with a clear sky and vegetation, the panorama invites you to the adventure with activities of hiking, zip line, rappel, climbing, among others, here you will feel how adrenaline runs throughout your body. 

Visit The Parish of Santiago Apostol, an architectural marvel in the center, the old municipal palace that currently functions as a museum, runs through Ocampo Square while tasting typical Mexican candies and enters one of the colonial restaurants in the center to savor the best Mexican dishes.

Villa Santiago

Poza Azul

You and your family will be speechless when you arrive at Poza Azul, a colonial town surrounded by mountains and forest, being in direct contact with nature this place transmits relaxation, happiness and allows you to forget about stress. We recommend that you take a walk with all your family and know the Parish of San José; its architecture is neoclassical style, with white facade and two towers that contain inside two bells that are played every hour inviting tourists and inhabitants to attend mass. On the other hand, if you are a wine lover, then you should know the wine cellars where you can observe the wine process from selection, maceration and alcoholic fermentation to bottling. Take the opportunity to get a glass of wine that comes from the barracks that keep sparkling wines, whites, reds, among others. Leaving the place, run to put on your swimsuit, grab your life jacket and immerse yourself in the crystal clear water of the Poza Azul lagoon that is open to the general public, where experts and first-timers practice swimming.

Parras de la Fuente

The Town of Parras de la Fuente is located in the municipality of Nuevo Leon, 3 hours from Monterrey, the country atmosphere allows you to spend a few days relaxing, the landscapes you will see are those offered by nature with abundant vegetation, waterfalls and rivers with water of spring. If you have a strong taste for wine, then visit the vineyards, here are the oldest in Latin America, take the opportunity to taste some liquor or brandy made in the region.

Parras de la fuente

There are still many places that can give an extra to all the flights to Monterrey, but with these, you can start discovering the beauties that surround this great city wrapped in business and modernity.

Beaches: the greatest attraction of Cancun

Best public beaches at Cancun

If we had to mention the biggest reason why are taken so many flights  to Cancun, then we must highlight its beaches, which with their soft white sand and brilliant turquoise blue water that hypnotize every traveler who returns again and again. The Hotel Zone of Cancun is actually a long beach separated from the continent by a system of lagoons, all these beautiful beaches are public and several of them are reserved for easy access by the public, don´t hesitate to visit each of these beautiful pieces of paradise.

Ballenas Beach

This beach has a public entrance and is located on a sidewalk along the fence of the Hotel Meridien; the beach has incredible views from where you can sunbathe quietly. We must pay attention to the warning flags, since in this part of the coast the currents can be very dangerous at any time of the year, the beach is at kilometer 14 in the Hotel Zone between Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc.

Best public beaches at Cancun

Caracol Beach and Las Palmas Beach

The entrance is difficult to locate, as it will be necessary to go through a small wooden side door of the Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, also accessible through the Xcaret bus terminal. The area of Punta Cancun is ideal for children or for those who can´t swim, because its waters are shallow and with a wide expanse of soft sand. It is located at kilometer 8.5 of the Hotel Zone.

Chac Mool Beach

The public entrance is located across the street from Mr. Frogs, the beach has restaurants on hand, here we also recommend you to keep an eye on the waves, since the currents are strong and it is tempting to go too far into the shallow water, which is why it is considered a good sports area. This is 10 kilometers away in the hotel zone near Punta Cancun.

Chac Mol cancun beach public

Delfines Beach

This beach is one of the best spots for sunbathing; however, it also has dangerous conditions for swimming due to the strong waves and currents that sometimes tend to be treacherous. There are some stone benches to sit and gaze at the sea, but there are no other facilities. It is located at kilometer 18 in the hotel zone near Punta Nizuc.

Delfines public beach cancun

Langosta Beach

Located in the center of the north end of the Hotel Zone and facing the Bahía de Mujeres, you can find some of the best swimming sites that Cancun has to offer. It is located at kilometer 5 of the Hotel Zone, and has a pier with shuttle service to Isla Mujeres and other tours.

There are still other beaches to mention, however, we can assure you that with these you will be more than satisfied, because there is no other place like this to satisfy that need of Caribbean beaches and turquoise blue sea, you will enjoy it so much that you will need more of the flights to Cancun to continue knowing each one as it should.

A warm winter in Mexico

Warm winter in Mexico

We are getting closer and closer to the December times and with it the cold season, a season that for many is not usually their favorite and we don´t blame them, after all nothing like being on a beach enjoying this winter season. One of the great advantages of taking one of the flights to Mexico is the privileged location  that allows us to enjoy the perfect weather to vacation on the beach. That is why we want to recommend some of the best destinations you could visit during the winter, if what you are looking for is pleasant temperatures, heavenly destinations and a bit of the hugging sun in Mexico. 


It is definitely a destination that you must visit; its turquoise waters, white sand, incredible vegetation and enviable nightlife will leave you speechless. Within the hotel zone, you will find a wide variety of 5-star hotels and resorts, Mexican and international restaurants and the best selection of clubs and bars that will ensure an unforgettable stay away from the cold.


It is the third largest island in Mexico and the second most populous in the country, famous because it has spectacular coral reefs and beautiful docks that photographers have made famous, where you can also dive and live with nature. Definitely an awesome place.

Cozumel Beach

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Located in the state of Guerrero, it is one of the most visited destinations by nationals and foreigners when it comes to an all-in-one destination. It has first class services, from 5-star resorts to luxurious golf courses, not to mention the beautiful traditions that make this destination a magical place, with its 30 km of beaches that will leave you breathless.

Puerto Vallarta

Another of the destinations preferred by national and foreign tourists, is in Jalisco, and became famous for the filming of the movie ‘The Night of the Iguana’ by John Huston. Is in this place where you can appreciate the most beautiful sunsets in the Pacific area, it is a quiet space during the day, but with an electrifying nightlife that you can´t miss when the sun sets.

Puerto Vallarta


This beach is another of the jewels of the Mexican Caribbean, since in addition to having turquoise waters and white sand characteristic of the area; this beautiful Caribbean town stands out for being a walled Mayan city. It is located within the national park of the same name and in it you will find an archeological zone that will take you to ancient times, as well as beautiful beaches with warm weather during most of the year.

Puerto Escondido

This destination is known mainly for the waves suitable for surfing, but one of the most important features in addition to its beautiful beaches, are its rock formations and cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts nationals and foreigners to enjoy its natural charm.

The options for escaping the winter cold taking any of the flights to Mexico are enough, now it is only up to you to decide where you want to spend those cold days accompanied by beach, sun, sand and a refreshing drink that will leave you wanting more days to rest.

The key points in Guanajuato to fill your photo album

Guanajuato City at night

Guanajuato is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico with its unique charm, its alleys are the most romantic, its architecture is impressive and the colors of its streets are unmistakable. It is quite common to take one of the flights to Guanajuato and take the typical photos in the usual places, however, what if, in your next visit, you try to capture a new angle of the city in one of these places?

The Pípila

This monument is one of the main icons of the city, for years it has been common for visitors to take the picture with El Pipila behind them; however, the view of the city from the surroundings of this viewpoint is one of the most beautiful. So turn and pose just looking at the monument, if you have someone to make your photographer ask him to climb the stairs of El Pipila to take the picture from above.

Pipila monument

The alleys

You do not need to go far to explore the city of Guanajuato in depth, let yourself be carried away by those colorful roads with climbs, descents, old doors and balconies with flowers, you will surely find the perfect space for the photo of the memory.

Peace Square

In the heart of the Historic Center of Guanajuato is the square that frames the Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato, with its imposing towers and its antique clock, here it is convenient that you stay somewhat remote to include both the temple and the Monument to Peace, which is in front. This picture will be better if you take it before sunset, when the streets and businesses around start to turn on their lights.

University of Guanajuato

University of Guanajuato

The university building is another of the great icons of the city with its unmistakable stairs, don´t miss the adventure and presume to your friends who climbed to the top, with a panoramic photo of the city from this point.

Kiss alley

Giving a kiss on the third step will assure you years of good luck, but following this tradition will also make you end up with the most repeated photo of all of Guanajuato. Better go up to the balcony and let someone else catch the moment from below, it suits you to go in search of this image one day where there are not so many tourists in the city, maybe you’ll take a while to get it, but originality is worth it.

Kiss alley

The underground street

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Guanajuato are its tunnels, these streets are perfect scenarios to obtain photos that you couldn´t have done anywhere else in Mexico, you will have to use your good pulse or a tripod to get clear photos below, but the effort will be worth it.

These are just some examples of how you could take advantage of the flights to Guanajuato to take home the best photos, but of course, the city has many more sites waiting to be captured by your camera and even more important, be engraved in your memory for its beauty.

In the state of Guanajuato, love is breathed

Panoramic of the Guanajuato City woth buildings and blue sky

If there is one thing that can describe Guanajuato, it has towns and cities with a rather bohemian and romantic atmosphere that is hard to resist. Whether you take one of the flights to Guanajuato for a couple’s trip, an anniversary trip or a way to rekindle love, here are some of the most effective places to get carried away by romance in this magical place.

San Miguel de Allende

This city is one of the places that will never go out of style to get engaged, get married and even go for a honeymoon. Its beautiful colonial architecture, dotted with colorful facades and secret alleyways, make this town distill romance during the day and at night, so San Miguel is ideal for a candlelight dinner, a night walk among its streets and finish the night demonstrating love. Well, to spend the night the hotels of San Miguel won´t disappoint you, and if your plan is to spend a couple of days in San Miguel, you can include a visit to the nearby vineyards or a thermal spa.

Balcony and staris wiht plants, at San Miguel de Allende


The corners of the most romantic city of Mexico are perfect to give a romantic touch to any trip, and to sample is the famous Alley of the Kiss, a place that will give you a pretext or rather an important reason to bring your lips to those of your partner, because according to the legend those couples who kiss in the alley seal their love forever. On the other hand, if the chemistry between the two is on the right track, surely it won´t be long before the architecture of Guanajuato makes you feel at times in a place similar to the one that inspired the Romeo and Juliet novel. They say that the nights are of the cats and the lovers and in Guanajuato, the best way to start counting stars is with the typical alleyways, where the Estudiantinas make the nocturnal charm of the city transform into pure romanticism to the beat of the mandolin.

Mineral de Pozos

If you promised your partner that you would escape together to a place away from everything and everyone, then you should go to Mineral de Pozos, this old mining town full of history is excellent to spend moments of true romance, the biggest reason because this place is a great option for a romantic getaway, is the intimacy that gives it extreme tranquility. Mineral de Pozos is far from being a noisy place and on the contrary, it gives the perfect scenario to listen and connect without distractors. Another reason is that if both share an adventurous spirit, here you will find many activities that will make you remember this trip for a long time, since you can take horseback rides to explore the abandoned mines, visit the aromatic lavender fields and make exciting motorcycle tours all terrain through the semi-desert landscapes of the region.
If you were looking for the perfect place to express your love to the fullest, it is time to take one of the flights to Guanajuato and visit all these places where you will find the perfect inspiration to spend all your time together.

Trips with friends bring the best memories

Many of the good memories that we keep for a long time, and which we always like to talk about, are usually about the adventures we have with our friends; this is because they are the ones that encourage us to go for more new experiences. However, among all the places we can travel, no choice is better than getting airline tickets to Mexico, a perfect country to have unforgettable experiences that is why here we mention some of the most charming destinations where everyone will be happy in any moment.

Riviera Maya

Imagine finding everything in one destination, clear and calm beaches, imposing archaeological sites, villages surrounded by nature, delicious cuisine, adventure sports and of course, party. Well, the Riviera Maya has it all and is ideal for traveling with friends, as well as its attractions, also has alternatives for any budget. Its beaches are impressive and can be traveled by strategic stops according to your interests, for example, if you prefer archeology can base in Tulum and travel to Coba and Cozumel, to move to Playa del Carmen where you can do extreme activities, visit caves or underground rivers and at night, dance until dawn.

Huasteca Region

Huasteca Region

Although it is located between six different states that have coastal and mountain landscapes, this area contains a charm that is understood only by spending a few days there enjoying its culture, its nature and an indescribable atmosphere. This area is ideal for lovers of fresh water, where they can spend most of the day doing activities such as swimming, rafting, torrentism, spelunking and even diving in lagoons. For all this the best places to do it is the Huasteca Potosina with destinations such as Ciudad Valles and its surroundings at the head, in the state of Veracruz the region has a beachier tone with exquisite cuisine and destinations such as Álamo and Castillo de Teayo, where you can see the influence of Huasteca culture on architecture.

Riviera Nayarit

Inspired by the success of the tourist corridor of the Mexican Caribbean, the Pacific is also positioning itself with the beautiful beaches that make up the coast of the state of Nayarit, and here you will also find options for any pocket, from luxury beaches such as Punta from Mita or Nuevo Vallarta, to quiet and cozy small towns such as San Francisco or Rincon de Guayabitos. In the historical and cultural theme, nothing compares with the Mexcaltitan Island, where it was presumed that the Mexicas were born, in winter its streets can only be traveled by boat and the small houses with tile roofs make the environment unique. Rincon de Guayabitos will be a destination that you will love if you enjoy diving, since in its small and quiet beaches you will find an impressive biodiversity.
As you can see, the diversity of Mexico is quite and the places to be known are even bigger, so you and your friends will need more than some airline tickets to Mexico to go through a bit of everything the country can offer you.

Beach View of Rivera Nayarit

The best all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Imagine taking one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta to arrive very early in the morning and enter quietly to a delicious breakfast buffet, surrounded by tropical atmosphere, and enjoying exquisite dishes. Now imagine that you will have at your disposal dishes of that category for lunch and dinner, but without forgetting the great selection of beers, wines and cocktails available at any time of the day or night. With all this your holidays are starting to be completely relaxing by not having to worry about anything else, and these are some of the best hotels that put at your disposal services of this type where you just have to let yourself be pampered and completely relax.

Hotel Velas Vallarta

A perfect place to get away with the whole family, Velas Vallarta offers a wide range of services and amenities in its all-inclusive packages, it is a great hotel with spacious rooms and a range of services including luxurious spa treatments, activities for children, cultural visits and tours of Tequila, walks and shopping excursions around the city every week, night shows and much more, make this an ideal place.

Casa Magna Marriott Resort & Spa

Casa Magna Puerto Vallarta

Give an escape to the serenity of the Sierra Madre mountains and the spectacular Banderas Bay at Casa Magna Marriott Resort, with high quality services, access to perfectly attended golf courses, family packages, romantic getaways and package deals complete that make it one of the top rated resorts in major travel magazines.

Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta

Located in an Escondida beach bay, away from the hordes of tourists, the Hyatt Ziva is located a short distance from the charming romantic area of Puerto Vallarta, offering the pleasures of the sea and incredible views. Its all-inclusive package includes a selection of 5 restaurants serving international-inspired dishes, with delicious creations for all tastes, 2 children’s pools, 1 adult-only pool among 5 pools with bar service.

Barceló Puerto Vallarta

barcelo puerto vallarta

A treasure overlooking Bandera Bay on Mismaloya Beach, the Barceló Hotel offers class, elegance and an abundance of gourmet delights, with sweeping views of the stunning mountains and the Pacific Ocean. In addition to first class facilities and services such as excursions, tours, entertainment, children’s club, crystal clear swimming pools and semi-private beach with open bars, a perfect place for everyone in the family.

Now Amber Puerto Vallarta

This place prides itself on its refined and demure luxury, with its Ultimate-luxury package is ideal for couples, friends and families, located on the golden sandy beaches bathed in the sun of Puerto Vallarta. It is renowned for its spa that offers hydrotherapy treatments to revitalize and recharge your body and mind, the Explorers Club for younger children, activities for teenagers and preteens, movies on the beach for all and excellent cuisine, this place allows each guest find your point of relaxation and fun.

There are many more hotels in this category that you will be able to find when you start choosing between flights to Puerto Vallarta, but we assure you that in each of them you will be served, as you deserve.

Cancun: tips for not ending up without money


Flights to Cancun Mexico can result in a very expensive trip due to the great demand that this beautiful Caribbean paradise has, so we could end up paying for things as simple as a drink, at a price almost double the cost. However, knowing this wonderful place, does not have to leave you without money, and for this you just have to pay attention to the following tips to spend that unforgettable vacation in Cancun with very little budget.The best season to get cheap flights to Cancun

To start saving on our trip, the first thing is to get a cheap flight to Cancun, and for that, the first step is to decide the dates. Consider that the months in which you will find the cheapest plane tickets are September, October and November, but remember that you should avoid holiday days. Another great advantage that this season has is that there are fewer people, so you can enjoy much more of the attractions of the region without long lines or large groups of tourists.

Your luggage can save you money

cancun downtown

Traveling lightly will also help you stay on budget because the low cost airlines that fly to Cancun, retaliate their low rates charging for extra luggage, so it is well worth thinking if you need so many changes of clothes for a few days on the beach , just take a bathing suit, towel and flip flops, everything else is accessory.

Accommodation is essential to know how much you will save

The next point will be to find a cheap accommodation and if we really want to save, the option is to prefer hostels or small hotels in the city center instead of the large all-inclusive resorts on the coastline. In addition to many well-known travelers, they agree that hotels in this category take away the adventurous flavor of vacations.

Transportation may save you a lot

cancun beachs

As for mobility, it is essential that you avoid taxis at all costs, they are very expensive and it is not worth spending half of our budget on moving when we could invest in food and party. Public transport is not bad and it is very cheap, but without a doubt, if you want to go from one place to another throughout the city and its surroundings, the best idea is to rent a car and so we can go to and from Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or any other place you can think of, and without thinking about the high prices of taxis.

Live with the community

This is essential for any trip, and is the best way to find offers and places unknown by conventional tourism, talk to as many people as you can and ask for their recommendations to find the best places to eat, go out at night and the most intimate beaches. You have to be a little careful, because someone will try to sell you something, but in general, the local people will help you with good will.

You don´t need to spend all your savings when you decide to take one of the flights to Cancun Mexico, lean on these tips and make your trip a true paradisiacal experience in the Caribbean.

A day with camels in Los Cabos

Camels on the beach

There are endless travel experiences that you can be sure of doing at any beach destination, such as taking a quad bike tour on the sand, swimming with dolphins, or maybe board a boat to snorkel on a reef. Undoubtedly, they are very pleasant experiences, however, when you take any of the flights to Los Cabos you can find an experience worthy of the Middle East, we are talking about the opportunity to get on a Camel in an arid scenery and walk as if it were a journey through the desert.

Walk through the desert in Los Cabos

This trip has become one of the main routes of Los Cabos, this is because all people, when we think of camels, don´t see them as domestic animals, and rather we visualize them as animals of exotics that live in the conditions more extreme where man can hardly live. However, who wouldn´t like to live closely with this beautiful animal?

Moreover, it is like getting on this friend from the desert, it is like going back to history when in the Middle East they were used as transport and cargo animals. Today, despite new customs, camels are still beasts of burden and beasts to plow the land in places like Asia and Africa. Although the situation in Los Cabos is completely different, here really, camels are animals that have been domesticated and with proper care, they have become excellent companions for a walk.

Taking a ride in Camels
The place where the adventure begins

To live the experience you must move to Rancho San Cristóbal, it is an intact semi-desert natural reserve, among its facilities it has three turtle camps where, up to 70 thousand small turtles are released every year. The first thing you must do when arriving at the ranch is to board a four-ton shipment vehicle, which carries groups of up to fourteen people. This transport is resistant both in the jungle and in the desert, and was normally used in the Second World War by Germans and Swiss as military vehicles in the jungles, mountains and deserts.

From desert to beach

Passing the desert crossing, the vegetation changes as you approach the sea and this is thanks to the sea breeze, suddenly the panorama opens and you will find a virgin beach of fine sand, where the waves give a great spectacle worthy of being photographed. There is already the camel camp, where you will receive the trainers of the camels who will give you the safety instructions to make the walk in the sand, as well as teach us more about these majestic animals and their ways of life.

Camels Tours At the Cabos

The moment to walk

Once you have your helmet in the form of a turban on your head, you must climb the camel to be more than two meters from the floor, so hold on to the aluminum chair and enjoy the walk on the sand. All the way, you will be accompanied by a cameleer who will mark the route, and a photographer, who will keep the record of the experience where you rode a camel, so you remember it always, and soon you want to return on one of the flights to Los Cabos.