Cozumel stands out for much more than its reefs

cozumel mexico

The island of the Swallows, as it is known Cozumel, is a paradise island located in the Caribbean Sea of the state of Quintana Roo very close to Cancun, and in many aspects, its beaches are very similar, with white sand and crystal blue turquoise waters. However, something that will make you take one of the flights to Cozumel and that at the same time makes its unique beaches, is that they have coral reefs that extend along the entire coast of the island. Currently, the reefs are already an ecological reserve and some are considered as archaeological sites, we invite you to know more about its beaches and thus convince yourself to visit the island.

El Cielo Beach in Cozumel

This place is a strip of white sand surrounded by crystal clear waters; the beach is shallow and is home to a lot of starfish, which is the main reason to call it that. It has so many scattered sea stars that make the place look like a night sky, making this a unique place in Cozumel where you can swim with these wonderful creatures trying not to touch them in order to maintain their beauty and not damage them.

San Francisco Beach


This is a beautiful beach with fine sand and little waves; here there is a restaurant and several common areas to have the comforts that you and your family may need. It is not a beach where you will find few people, but it is very beautiful and comfortable, since services are the order of the day, and it is perfect to visit as a group and spend an afternoon swimming.

The beaches of the open seaside of Cozumel are very beautiful, different from those on the city side, as the wind and waves are stronger, but ideal for sports such as surfing. In this area, there are less people and some bars with a very Caribbean style.

Island of the Passion

It is a beautiful isolated beach where you won´t find people, but a lot of peace and natural beauty. The only way to get there is by boat as there is no access by land, but it is worth going and spending a few moments in this beautiful place.

Paradise Beach in Cozumel

This beach is ideal to enjoy with your family as it has beach club facilities, food, swimming pools and restaurant service so you have all the amenities. The sand and the sea are of the highest quality for swimming and sunbathing accompanied by your loved ones, and without having to move from one place to another to find entertainment.

Palancar Beach

Palancar Beach Cozumel

Finally, we found this beautiful and very natural beach without a beach club, but with some facilities that seek to provide some comfort. In this place the activity of diving and snorkeling stands out, because, although the attractions of Cozumel are for all ages and tastes, if you visit the island you can´t miss the opportunity to snorkel or dive to know the fascinating underwater world of Cozumel.

Start searching between flights to Cozumel and let yourself fall in love for each one of its beaches, where in addition to having a perfect time, you will live in a special way with nature.

Guadalajara, a city connected below the earth

Guadalajara, Mexico

If you have already taken one of the flights to Guadalajara and you think you know everything there is to know about the city, then surely you know of the various tunnels that run underneath their most emblematic constructions and buildings such as the Cathedral, the Hospicio Cabañas, the Bethlehem Pantheon and other temples and historic houses, that are connected by underground passages through which they could walk from people on foot to men on horseback and even carriages.

The tunnels were built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, although it is not known exactly how many there are, but it is believed that about nine out of ten buildings and constructions in the historic center of Guadalajara are connected by these passages.

They have been used by historical figures of Guadalajara

tunnels of Guadalajara

Although the tunnels have had multiple uses throughout its history, one of its main functions was to serve as an escape route or as a hiding place during riots or times of war. They say that Miguel Hidalgo made use of this escape route while he was in Guadalajara during the war of independence. There are also chroniclers who claim that Benito Juárez was another of the historical figures who proved the effectiveness of the tunnels to transport themselves in the city in an unknown way.

They had a great importance during the Cristero War

It is true that the tunnels were very useful during independence; however, these were also essential during the war of the Cristeros. This conflict was marked by persecutions and assassinations of Catholics, so the corridors served as refuge and emergency exit. The tunnels also allowed Catholics to visit temples and churches without being seen and sometimes even secret Masses were celebrated inside.

Alternative uses

Although they were built mainly as shelters and means of transport, the tunnels also had other purposes and not all of them so noble, because some say that wealthy families in Guadalajara used to hide treasures and valuables, while others say that there, the elite women were confined to avoid being kidnapped by the revolutionaries.

The dark side of the tunnels  of Gudalajara

Tunnels below Guadalajara

Inside the tunnels, not only historical vestiges have been found, corpses have also been discovered, many of them corresponding to newborn children and even fetuses. There are many theories about it but the most popular account that nuns or daughters of powerful families used these passages to hide their unborn children and avoid public humiliation. The walls of the buildings were so large that many had two walls and the human remains were generally in the space between these two.

Some are still functional

Although many of the Guadalajara tunnels were blocked during various road works in the city, there are some that have withstood the test of time. It is believed that some of them are still being used, and still others are kept secret. We invite you to learn more about the secrets of the city in your next search for flights to Guadalajara, a land with much to discover.

Monterrey brings you closer to the adventure


Monterrey is surrounded by great sierras of great importance, which serve as inspiration for adventurers and fans of extreme sports such as climbing, rappelling, caving, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, zip lines and many more. However, the best thing about all this is that any of the flights to Monterrey will give you access so you can practice all these sports.

The via ferrata in the Sierra de la Huasteca

This place gives you the possibility of climbing and rappel; it is a highly recommended adventure for those who have no previous experience. It is only 20 minutes from downtown Monterrey and is the only one in Mexico; the whole route lasts 7 hours and is extremely fun. You will climb the highest rocky peaks of the Huasteca Ecological Park, rising to 700 meters in height, on this tour you will conquer Pico Independencia. The second section consists of a challenging climb to one of the most coveted summits by the mountaineers of Mexico “El Pico 15”, this section also contains two impressive zip lines with a length over 200 meters, which will let you continue the journey.

The Chipinque Ecological Park in Monterrey

chipinque park monterrey

An ideal place for the whole family due to its proximity to the urban area of Monterrey and for its good services in all its protected natural area. The place is perfect for mountain biking and has 36 km of beautiful trails that give wonderful views, but as far as mountaineering is concerned activities such as climbing, rappelling and hiking are highly recommended in this park. Although the excursions or camps that are organized in summer are also ideal for young people and children. The place has a beautiful astronomical observatory that you can visit, a small museum that will approach you in a very didactic way to the species of flora and fauna of the area, an aviary and a butterfly garden perfect for spending days in the country with the family.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most spectacular canyons in Mexico, with unique scenarios, which are formed by the passage of water through the bed of their rivers, carving the rock in unique ways. The place has deep, mysterious and incredible caves, great jumps to pits of clear and deep water, imposing waterfalls to descend to rappel and long natural slides of polished rock to slide in them, so undoubtedly visit the place will be an experience unforgettable. Try as an adventurer in the descent in river canyon, where you can make two impressive rappels next to majestic waterfalls, make countless jumps in the water in which you will discharge all your adrenaline falling of up to 12 meters in beautiful turquoise blue lagoons. In addition, when you think that there couldn´t be something that exceeds what you are living, you will enter the underground part of the rivers to cross in complete darkness their fabulous caverns.

In summary, flights to Monterrey take you to one of the best places to get close to extreme sports and adventure tourism, regardless of age or experience, so don´t hesitate and come to live the adventure.

Monterrey, one of the best cities to visit

Old Town Monterrey

Monterrey is a modern city that retains its traditional features and has a lot of attractions that show those two facets, such as its historic museums or skyscrapers that make us see why the city is considered a business city. However, beyond being a city where you work hard, any of the flights to Monterrey Mexico allow us to know an iconic city that has many places to spend some exciting days.

Museums of great importance

* Museum of the Government Palace: It is located in the Santa Lucia Canal complex and was inaugurated in 2006 in a restored centenary building: Here you can learn some of the most important political, economic and social events in the history of Nuevo León.

* Museum of Mexican History: Although the design of its headquarters is avant-garde, this institution offers an exhibition about the history of Mexico from pre-Hispanic times to modernity. One of its spaces is dedicated to biodiversity and the geological aspects of Nuevo Leon and Mexico.

* Museum of the Northeast: It was another of the buildings conditioned during the modernization and restoration of the central helmet of Monterrey, and exhibits historical pieces of the territory. Currently occupied by Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Coahuila and part of the US state of Texas.

Monterrey Pabellon Towers

The towers that will allow you to see the whole city

* Pabellón Monterrey Tower: It rises 214 meters, being the tallest tower in Monterrey and northern Mexico. In several points of its 50 floors, there are terraces to admire the city and its surroundings; it also has a hotel, convention center for 3800 people, brand stores, restaurants and other facilities.

* Ciudadana Tower: It has 180 meters, located in the Fundidora Park and is the second tower in Monterrey; it can be admired in all its majesty from the Santa Lucia Canal. The government owns it and most of its 36 floors are occupied by state government offices.

Ciudadana Tower

Places totally filled with history of the city

* Old Quarter: This is a place where when walking through its cobbled streets, you can admire beautiful colonial houses of the time in which the territory had the condition of a kingdom in the New World under the command of Spain.

* Metropolitan Cathedral of Monterrey: It is a beautiful eighteenth-century building that combines a baroque facade with the neoclassical style. In its architecture are distinguished a three-body tower, an octagonal dome and a central nave in which the chapels of its sides stand out, the chapel of the tabernacle is the most particular due to its silver front.

Old Town Monterrey

Go out and enjoy the delicious regional cuisine

The cuisine of Monterrey boasts dishes such as cabrito al pastor, machaca, arrachera, cuajitos and beans with poison, so called because they carry two types of chili peppers that make them truly powerful. The capital has a wide variety of places where you can enjoy the exquisite regional cuisine.
Give an opportunity to this magnificent city of continuous advance, take some of the flights to Monterrey Mexico and discover why it is one of the best cities to visit.

Total ecotourism in Chiapas

Climbing on Chiapas

Ecotourism is currently one of the major tourist trends in the world, and is that this activity is carried out trying not to alter, or failing to alter the minimum nature to preserve the ecosystems, fauna and flora found here. Motivating a sustainable development with which, in addition to the tourist can enjoy the attractions, communities can benefit from income from tourism, and quite a few travelers who take one of the flights to Chiapas looking to follow this type tourism, because the state has many places for all kinds of ecotourism activities.

Climbing and Rappelling

There are several places where you can practice these sports, but none compares with the Sima de las Cotorras, a place that you have probably heard about since it is a large cave over 100 meters deep, inside which are beautiful green and blue parrots. Where there are also cave paintings, here are tours to practice the descent or climbing and another place is known as La Venta River Canyon, whose highest wall measures about 400 meters.

Organic Coffee Tasting

Without a doubt, Chiapas coffee is one of the best in the world, prepared in the high mountains of the Chiapaneca highlands. There are places where coffee is literally cut from the sky, one of which is Finca Hamburgo, which also offers lodging options and visits to coffee plantations.

Tasting Coffee

Mountain biking


There are several places to practice Mountain Biking in the State of Chiapas; one of them is the Sumidero Canyon itself, the Lacandon Forest on the Tapachula side, in the coffee farms like Finca Argovia, which has beautiful mountainous landscapes and the La Changa ecotouristic center, where there are paths that lead you through canyons and cliffs.



If you like to explore the bowels of the earth, then you should know that Chiapas is characterized by having a huge number of caves; several of them are difficult to access and only for experienced spelunkers. Others are very accessible and interesting, since they were in their time, places considered sacred by the Mayan Lacandon Indians. An example is the Caves of San Francisco near Comitán, they are a Natural wonder in which they inhabit insects, birds, endemic plants and thousands of bats.


Chiapas is full of rivers and lagoons where you can practice this sport, but you have to be careful if you do it alone, since some rivers in the rainy season have rapids and are not suitable for novices. One of the best sites for your practice is the Sumidero Canyon, the Montebello Lagoons or, in Ecotourism Centers such as Las Guacamayas, Las Nubes or El Castaño that has beautiful mangroves.

The famous Marietas Islands

Playa escondida
Marietas Island


The flights to Puerto Vallarta allow us to know natural places with a unique beauty, that is why today we will talk about one in particular, the Marietas Islands, a protected natural area and now regulated by the Mexican authorities, since by becoming viral through social networks, at some point it had to close its doors to the public in order to continue conserving its natural characteristics.

An urban legend tells that during the Second World War, the Mexican army was bombing in this small archipelago located in the Bay of Banderas, known as the Marietas Islands. We do not know how true it is, but the truth is that in the place you can see natural caverns whose rocks look like burned, and in one of these small volcanic islands is Escondida beach, one of the most spectacular in Mexico. Something we can assure you is that this place has become famous thanks to its peculiar beauty.

The Marietas Islands are located 35 km from Puerto Vallarta, home to migratory and continental marine birds; here is the largest population worldwide of bobos birds with yellow legs, brown and blue. Its Marine Park protects in total 44 species of flora and fauna, several of them in danger of extinction, for what is also considered as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

If you are a traveler who likes to practice ecotourism, travel with your family or romantic plan, in Marietas Islands you can find a refuge for birdwatching and the marine life of Banderas Bay, you can practice scuba diving, have fun snorkeling and admire lots of underwater landscapes full of life and color, as well as of course, know its romantic hidden beach.

From Puerto Vallarta, there is a tour that takes you in a few minutes to the Marietas, during the whale-watching season you can see the whales swimming and emerging in the surroundings, which makes it even more spectacular.


Escondida beach or Amor beach

This beach in addition to the flora, fauna and marine life that surrounds the Marietas Islands, is the main attraction of the place, and as its name says, it is not at first sight, because to reach it you have to go swimming in a tunnel rocky of approximately 45 meters. Sometimes it is impossible to reach it since the tide is high and the tunnel is flooded, but if you run with luck, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular beaches that you can meet in Mexico. This beach, like the whole place, is also a protected natural area, so we must help to preserve it so that it can remain a sanctuary open to all.

beach of love
Amor Beach


When you choose any of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, don´t forget to take a tour of the Marietas Islands, this incredible gift of nature, and reflect on how taking care of our natural areas can reward us with scenarios like these, which are unique in their kind.

Traveling to Mexico is the best investment



They say that traveling is the only thing you buy and it enriches you, something that is very true since after a trip you have too many unique experiences. Therefore, when you get some of the airline tickets to Mexico, you are undoubtedly making one of the best investments; however, if you don´t believe us, stay to find out why.


Generate permanent experiences

Buying things is associated with well-being, however, the experiences offered by traveling to Mexico generate memories that, unlike material things, won´t become obsolete nor will they stop working, since the activities carried out during a trip are much more valuable than an object.


It makes you more independent

From planning to move in an unknown city or place, it encourages people to become more organized. In addition, motivates to pay attention to all the details and be alert at all times, this helps the development of people and makes them more independent, since they are the ones who make their own decisions.


Enrich your general culture

Each destination and each country have a unique culture, so investing in travel is equivalent to investing in knowing new cultures, customs and traditions. Something, in which Mexico stands out from any other place in the world, is the wealth with which it counts in these aspects, since its regions are as diverse as culturally rich.


Gain confidence

Going on a trip means leaving the routine and facing new experiences, being the only one responsible for the actions taken strengthens the confidence in oneself, it is also the motivation to leave the comfort zone of everyday life and discover what else It is waiting for us outside.


Expands the perspective of the world

Knowledge about the history of a place, its culture, its inhabitants and its customs, make people see the world from a different perspective, in other words broaden your horizons, something that changes people forever and in a positive way. This is because it makes them better by accepting other people and being more empathetic with the differences of others.


You know new people

Being in a totally new and unknown place, it will be necessary to socialize and often talk with the local people, in addition to letting you know better the cultural of the place, it gives you information about where to eat or how to get to a specific point. In addition to serving to have useful information about the place, meeting new people and having a good friendship will help in the planning of new trips.

best friends
Making new friends

Know yourself

Going on a trip implies taking a break from the routine, which allows you to clarify the mind and reflect, this allows people to value what they have, their goals and the actions they are taking to carry them out, which helps to work in the strengths and weaknesses of oneself to improve as a person.

Now, taking these points into account, we can see that a trip is much more than a simple entertainment experience, because the lessons learned when traveling are forever. This is why saving money to get airline tickets to Mexico, which is a destination with so much to know, will be the best investment of all.

San Luis Potosi, a state full of things to discover

Hacienda de Bocas

Few are the travelers that take one of the flights to San Luis Potosi and decide to cross it from head to toe, because the state has many places to visit. We are talking about places where if something is sure, it is that you won´t get bored, so pay attention to these that we will mention and we hope you decide to go through this beautiful state.


City of San Luis Potosí

Beginning with the capital city, declared in 2010 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the capital of the state has a beautiful and cozy historic center, and during the holidays this city is not so crowded, and is ideal to explore it with tranquility.


Real de Catorce

It was originally a mining town and is currently a tourist town located in the heart of the Sierra de Catorce in the northern state of San Luis Potosí. If you want to visit it, you should bear in mind that during the night the temperature drops a lot in the desert, so we recommend you take a good jacket to withstand the cold of the night. The town practically seems to be a ghost place but precisely this calmness is what makes it very attractive for many.


City Valles

It is the second city in importance of the state, this because it is the center of trade and supply of the entire region, besides being one of the main producers of sugar in the country. This city is a strategic point to visit places like Micos waterfall, basement of the Guaguas, the Tampaón River, since from here you can go and come between these points with the best services.


Tamul Waterfall

This destination is usually full of people throughout the year, but if you decide to visit San Luis Potosí on summer vacation, you should know that you would find this waterfall with that characteristic turquoise color. Although the season doesn´t matter, we assure you that it will be equally impressive to see that drop of 105 meters, after all, it is the largest waterfall in the state.

Tamul waterfall
Tamul waterfall

Mantetzulel caves

Just 8 kilometers from Aquismon in San Luis Potosí, there are the lost caves of Mantetzulel, a protected natural area considered a national monument. There are four caves within the jungle that shelter an endless number of animal species and of course vegetables, inside each of the caves nature has created formations that they say represent animal guardians.


Half Moon Lagoon

In the municipality of Río Verde, is one of the main natural attractions of the state, which owes its name to the fact that the entire body of water forms a half moon. The temperature of the water is so warm that when you get to this place you will feel immense desire to get into the water, people who have dived in this lagoon have found pre-Hispanic pieces and even mammoth remains during their explorations.

Half moon lagoon
Half moon lagoon

Don´t be afraid of adventure and make the most of flights to San Luis Potosí, visiting these places and many more that protect a unique beauty that few travelers can presume to know.

Mexico, a land of pyramids and storys about

Pyramids of Mexico

The pyramids, for a long time have been a mystery for researchers, who even today are still giving a lot of material to learn more and more about the cultures that developed around them. In Mexico there are quite a few pyramids that were built by great ancient cultures, so if you are a lover of all that involves touring this type of ancient places, you should start consulting the different Mexican airlines for the different available destinations so you can get to know the most important pyramids in Mexico.

Pyramid of the Fortune teller

This is a Mayan construction located in the ancient archaeological site of Uxmal, in the state of Yucatan, also known as the pyramid of the “sorcerer” or the “dwarf”. It was built in stone and in harmony with other buildings of the place, it is said that it was the work of a wizard dwarf who raised it to 35 meters high with a base of 54 meters in just one day, this character would have been born from an egg found by a witch in Uxmal.

Pyramid Fortune Teller, Uxmal

Temple of Kukulkan

This is another Mayan work also from the state of Yucatan, but in the remains of the pre-Hispanic city of Chichén Itzá. Its architectural characteristics are similar to that of the royal castles of the Europe of the Middle Ages, which is why it is believed to be the reason why the Spaniards called it “El Castillo” when it was found in the 15th century. The pre-Hispanic building of the twelfth century is 24 meters high from its base of 55 meters and reaches 30 meters if you count the tempo at its tip.

Kukulkan Pyramid, stairs

Temple of the Inscriptions

This is the highest pyramid and of greater historical relevance in the archaeological zone of Palenque, in the state of Chiapas, the construction of the “House of the Nine Sharp Lances” as it is also known, is attributed to the kingdom of culture Maya to praise the then village chief, Pakal “the Great.” Its construction also had as objective to protect its body when dying, its height from the base is of 22.8 meters and is constructed in stone painted of red, yellow and blue colors, in the highest where was the tomb of the corpse of Pakal.

Pyramid B of Tula

In the archaeological zone of Tula in the city of Hidalgo, you will find one of the most particular pyramids of Mexico because of the huge Atlanteans that guard its summit. Pyramid B of Tula is made up of 5 pyramidal formations, where there are pillars in the form of Toltec warriors known by Atlanteans. At the top are venerations to the God Quetzalcoatl, so it is believed that there was a temple at the top and the pyramid was used to worship one of the greatest pre-Hispanic gods.

Although some of these pyramids are more popular than others, the historical importance they have for the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations is the same, and these are just some of the many you can admire, so choose among the preferred Mexican airlines and know some of these iconic places.

Mexico, the ideal place for couples

Sayulita´s street at afternoon. Mexico

Most couples are always looking for good places to enjoy the beauties of life, practice adventure sports, try tasty things and have great nightlife. It is for this reason that we want to share some of the perfect destinations to enjoy as a couple and that should definitely be considered in the following airline tickets to Mexico that want to buy, so this way, they will make your next holiday or weekend getaway, a lovely and unforgettable trip.

Sayulita, Nayarit

The Bay of Banderas is one of the most exciting beach destinations of the Riviera Nayarit and among its beach villages, Sayulita stand out. Here couples have a lot to do on the main beach, as this is excellent for surfing, and if you feel some pressure to be beginners, in the arenal there are some schools with great instructors that will teach you in a short time the tricks to start with success in the discipline. In addition, here you can board a boat that will take you to a fun ride through the Bay of Banderas and snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and canoeing sites.

Sayulita magical town

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

This city has become one of the most appreciated destinations for couples because of its beautiful, warm and clean beaches. The tourist presentation letter of Cabo San Lucas is the natural monument El Arco and Playa del Amor, El Arco is an arched opening that is the most photographed point of Los Cabos, while Playa del Amor is a beautiful place with full waters of small fish and sea lions that rest comfortably in the distance. In addition, the desert scenarios of the municipality of Los Cabos offer the opportunity to mount on a camel with your partner to make one of the most exciting rides that you can imagine.

Los Cabos, Mexico sea

Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo

This place is one of the most dazzling tourist sites in the Caribbean Sea, as they have beautiful turquoise blue waters. In the place, they offer all the beach entertainments and their restaurants are ready to accommodate any request from visitors. In addition, if you want to go shopping, take a walk or look for something to eat, the best place in Playa del Carmen is the Quinta Avenida, with exclusive shops, galleries, cafes, restaurants and many attractions along the way.

Playa del carmen

The Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosí

The Huasteca Potosina is a paradise of waters and spectacular landscapes that will delight any couple, Huasteca civilization developed in a vast territory that today belongs to six Mexican states. However, San Luis Potosí is the entity most closely identified with the culture of the Huastecos, it is a vast mountainous area that touches 20 Potosí municipalities, dotted with lakes and watered by rivers that form beautiful waterfalls and large natural pools.

These are just some of the destinations that could be marked on your next airline tickets to Mexico, where you can spend a moment of true growth as a couple since you won´t only enjoy good services but you will discover many things together.

San Luis Potosí, river