A trip back in time to Real de Catorce

Church at real de catorce, sunset and buildings

Most of those who take one of the flights to San Luis Potosí do so to know the famous Huasteca Potosina and take the best postcards of the landscape. However, in San Luis Potosí, there is much more than the Huasteca, and one of the clearest examples can be seen visiting Real de Catorce, one of the most beautiful and oldest Magical Towns of Mexico.

Arriving at Real de Catorce

Passing Matehuala we will arrive at the deviation by a stone path towards Real de Catorce, this road is of almost 40 minutes until we reach the welcome arch. When you arrive, you will have to pay a fee of 20 pesos to go through a tunnel called Ogarrio, which is one way, so you’ll have to wait a bit, but the magic and adventure begins from this point, as it opens the way through the tunnel it will seem that you are traveling through a tunnel through time. When you see the light, you will know that you have reached one of the most amazing places that Mexico has, immediately many children arrive and they will offer to take you to your hotel or take you to one with an available room.

Real de catorce, stones, vegetation and cactus at guanajuato

Traveling the place

Walking through its streets you will see many buildings abandoned or in ruins, some are from the years of 1780, when Real de Catorce was one of the largest mining centers in the country. Currently it is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Mexico, in this town you will want to take pictures in each of its buildings, and sometimes, the town remains in a chilling silence, which will make you feel that, something or someone, is going to scare you at any time. Many people don´t live in this place and only go to work, so as soon as the night begins, the town will remain empty, there are even people who only open their places on weekends, but no matter what day you visit, you will always find hotels for all tastes and needs, and of course, restaurants, cafes and bars at any time of the year.

A place full of history and beauty

As we mentioned before, the place has many special places and perfect to take a picture, but undoubtedly, some of the most outstanding are the pantheon, the chapel, the old bullring, the mint and the parish of the Purísima. Each of these protects its history and visiting them is a must so that, in addition to admiring its architectural beauty, you can also learn about the legends that are told about the place.

Desert safari

One of the main attractions of Real de Catorce is the Photographic Safari aboard the Willys, and you can´t leave this place without living this extraordinary adventure. A Willys is one of the first jeep vehicles 4×4, these vehicles reach to transport more than 10 people even in the awning, quite old jeep, which will make even more unique the experience heading to the desert. During the journey to the desert you will continue to find buildings in totally ruins that are already part of this magical landscape, you will also see waterfalls, so you must have your camera ready at all times and take home the best shots of your trip, and when you choose between the flights to San Luis Potosí and its old mining town.



The best parties and Carnivals in Chiapas you must know

Jungle of Chiapas, roots and trees

Chiapas is one of the states that make you vibrate only with its cultural diversity, and its people don´t get tired of showing this wealth in each of their parties and carnivals, so if you are thinking about taking one of the flights to Chiapas consider your date and be part of one of these emblematic parties.

The Big Party, in Chiapa de Corzo


The magic town of Chiapa de Corzo dresses up elegant and in color every year to celebrate San Antonio, San Sebastian and the Lord of Esquipulas, from January 8 to 23 the entire population takes to the streets to dance and stars in the party big. Legend has it that at the time of the colony a woman named Maria de Angulo traveled from Guatemala to Chiapa de Corzo looking for a famous healer, since her son suffered from a very strange disease, the healer took the child to a river and He bathed there for nine days, until the child regained health, so that the child wouldn´t be frightened. The Indians would disguise themselves with wooden masks and play a rattle. Mrs. María de Angulo returned to Guatemala and years later, Chiapa de Corzo suffered a terrible famine caused by a plague where hundreds of locals died and upon hearing this, Doña María de Angulo, grateful, returned to the town bringing food and money for all, an event which is commemorated every year with this great party.

Day of the Candelaria, in Tuxtla Chico

February 2 is Candelaria Day and in Tuxtla Chico, a small municipality near Tapachula that borders Guatemala, hundreds of families celebrate and make magic by creating incredible carpets on the streets, using painted sawdust. The Virgin of Candelaria will pass over these carpets in its route through the town, the festivity is the most important of the town and is celebrated with music, dances, chocolates and tamales.

People at Carnival of Chamula with tipic costumes

The Chamula Carnival, in San Juan Chamula

This place is one of the most representative indigenous municipalities of Mexico, the carnival is celebrated in a very particular way and the maximum splendor of the Catholic and indigenous syncretism is reached with the festivities of this town located in the highlands of Chiapas and full of mysticism. The Carnival of Chamula is more than a celebration, the indigenous people eat, drink and pray during those days to achieve purification, but there are many activities until the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Bullfights are held in the central plaza and the three days before the start of Lent are the most important of the carnivals.

The Dance of the Calalá, in Suchiapa

Calalá dance is one of the most beautiful in southern Mexico, its roots are in pre-Hispanic times and mixed with evangelizing elements at the time of the conquest. It takes place in the municipality of Suchiapa a few kilometers from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the culminating moment of this dance is the day of Corpus Christi on May 31.
You can´t miss these parties if you are a lover of native cultures, prepare everything for those dates and take some flights to Chiapas to live these unique experiences and carnivals.


The Jewels of the Pacific in Mazatlan

Sunset at Mazatlan Beach

To get to know the Jewels of the Pacific you only need to take one of the flights to Mazatlan and visit its beaches, because that is how many locals and visitors refer to its beautiful coasts. Therefore, it is time to put aside the stress and convince yourself to go and enjoy each of them.

The safety pins of Mazatlan

Many are the attractive beaches of the port of Mazatlan, but perhaps one of the most visited is the one of Olas Altas, from the jetty and in front of the pier, this beach has intense waves that take advantage of the practice of surfing. Many terraces of hotels have its view on this symbolic beach that has witnessed many stories and is a historical symbol of the city.

North beach is also one of the most beautiful, it usually has a very gentle wave so it is perfect for the whole family, it is part of the main bay of Mazatlan, so during the sunsets the postcards of the silhouettes of the fishermen arriving to the port are a classic.
Gaviotas and Camarón beaches, are undoubtedly some of the most attractive beaches of the entire Mexican Pacific, are in the heart of the so-called Golden Zone, with its crystal clear waters and fine sand, in addition to its splendid sunsets.

The most unknown, but equally beautiful

A little further, away from the city center, there are two beautiful beaches for those seeking more privacy and an open place for water sports.
El Sabalo beach is one of the most exotic in a semi-virgin environment, it is the ideal place to relax away from the noise and to have attractive activities such as diving, water skiing, sailing, parachuting, boat rides or simply to enjoy the classic horseback riding on the beach.
Cerritos beach is the second one that has nothing to envy to others, being away from traditional routes gives a quiet and solitude difficult to overcome. Its landscapes of cliffs and hills are wonderful, along with its amazing sunsets.

Barras Piaxtla Sea at Mazatlan

Paradisiacal beaches near Mazatlan

Towards the north of Mazatlan, in the direction of Los Mochis and less than an hour away, there is a paradise corner called Las Barras de Piaxtla, and the landscapes here take your breath away. In addition, in the rocky areas of the shore you can discover unique and interesting petroglyphs baptized by the locals as “Las Labradas”, thousands of years of constant waves haven´t been able to erase these primitive vestiges of the ancient inhabitants of this paradise.
Towards the south of Mazatlan, also just over an hour away from the community of Escuinapa, there is Teacapán in the area of the National Marshes, and its beaches are the most extraordinary in this region of the country. Its horizons of palm trees, mango trees, of avocado, its palapas, palm huts and its soft waves beaches make it a place without complaints for the most demanding “beachgoers”.
Set the dates and check the flights to Mazatlan and let yourself fall in love with the Mexican Pacific Jewels, as you won´t regret going through them and resting in each of them as you deserve.


A country full of World Heritage Sites

custodian statue of and pyramid of kukulkan tickets to Mexico

Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating countries in Latin America, and proof of this is to be the seventh country in the world with the greatest number of places and celebrations that have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. These titles are so important, that missing the opportunity to know some of these goods would be considered an invaluable loss for the trip, and this is why we want to show you five of these unique places that you will easily reach with any of the airline tickets to Mexico.

Pre-Hispanic City and Palenque National Park, Chiapas

Palenque tickets to Mexico

Located in the municipality of Palenque 150 km from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, this natural space was inscribed on the list of World Heritage in 1987, is considered “the soul of the Mayan world”, as it is evident in each one of its 200 constructions, and sculptures the creative talent of the Mayan culture.

Historic City of Guanajuato and its Mines around

This is a collection of neoclassical and baroque buildings that had a strong influence on mining communities in the center of the country. The city became the first world center for the extraction of silver in the eighteenth century and is directly related to the world economic history of this period, it was this that made it in 1988 UNESCO gave it the title of Heritage of Humanity.

Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen Itza, Yucatan

chichen itza tickets to Mexico

The charm of this wonderful place is found in the perfection of its buildings and in the way they harmonize with their surroundings. In addition, in each of its monuments, the Mayans left their vision of the universe, which is why by studying in detail everything that this place possesses, one can understand more of the wisdom that the Mayans left to the world.

Prehispanic City Uxmal, Yucatán

This city of one of the Mayan archaeological sites with the most impressive architecture, it is made up of 15 groups of low and horizontal buildings built around square patios. The importance of this city is that it is the one that best evidences the knowledge in astronomy that the Mayans had, which is why it was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage in 1996.

Pre-Hispanic City El Tajín, Veracruz

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1992, the Tajín is considered an example of architecture and testimony to the greatness of the pre-Columbian cultures of Mexico. It is made up of a series of buildings with a rectangular and square base, and it is considered a World Heritage Site because it is the only place with more than 17 ball courts, which had the objective of promoting the continuity of life and movement of the stars.

These are just some of the cities that have been named as Patrimonies of Humanity; however, the list of places and cultural events is immense, not for nothing, Mexico is proud to be in the top of countries with this type of places and traditions. So, get ready because you will need a lot of airline tickets to Mexico to travel and enjoy as you should each.

A weekend in Xochimilco Mexico

Magic Mexico Xochimilco Adventures

If you are about to take one of the flights to Mexico City and still don´t know how to spend a few days of pure fun unique in its kind, we recommend something different to everything you have read. How about camping or staying in a cabin on one of the wonderful Xochimilco chinampas with all your friends or family?
Maybe you have heard about the famous trajinera tours through the channels of Xochimilco before, but you rarely hear about camping in the beautiful chinampas that exist in this channel, and then we give you all the information you need to know to be able to camp during a weekend at the most famous lake in Mexico City.

Canals at Xochimilco

It is Eco Tourist Park “Michmani”, is the perfect place to enjoy a type of alternative tourism and relax without going far from the city, since this eco-tourist park is located in Xochimilco itself, next to the jetty of Cuemanco. Here are some activities that are perfect to enjoy your weekend, since you can find from kayak, recreational fishing, lunadas, huts on the chinampas, camping area and even a relaxing temazcal.

If you are going as a group, the ideal is to take most of the activities offered, this is because they manage fairly affordable prices with packages including dinner and breakfast. Although if you prefer, you can also take everything you need to stay, as they also have grills, just remember to go very well organized with your group, because to get to the chinampa can only be reached by trajinera and if they forget something or someone arriving late, transfers will have an additional cost.

Mexican Trajineras

When night falls and everyone is ready and installed they need to make a nocturnal tour in trajinera, accompanied by the legends that inhabit this magical place, are usually about an hour and it is classic to visit the spooky island of the dolls. On weekends, it is ideal because the closing hours are a bit later than usual, and if you want while you are on the route of the trajinera, you can listen to the best stories and legends of the place.

The environment care culture of the chinamperos that live there is magnificent, since you arrive they tell you that it is very important to keep it in good condition and not generate disorder in the environment, because here lives a very important endemic species called axolotl. It is an amphibian found in the channels of Xochimilco that is currently in danger of extinction, so helping to care for their environment will be one of the best actions during our visit.

Xochimilco Chinampas

It is incredible to spend a weekend in the Michmani camp in Xochimilco, because it seems that you are not inside the same city, because when the night falls you can see a starry sky very difficult to find. Don´t miss this opportunity the next time you take one of the flights to Mexico City, relax and learn more about a culture of environmental care and meet the peculiar species called axolotl.

Chiapas has unique places of its kind

Street in San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas

In the extreme south of Mexico is Chiapas, a state that is full of architectural, archaeological, ecotouristic, folkloric, culinary and artistic attractions. There are so many places that we can visit when we take one of the flights to Chiapas, we could be missing the most important ones to know, that is why we have brought for you a list of the most important and must-haves for you to take into account in your next trip.

Regional Museum of Anthropology and History of Chiapas

It is always good to start visiting a city or territory through its history museum, so you can plan your itinerary and organize it in an optimal way without forgetting anything historically important. This museum is in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the capital and largest city of Chiapas and is divided into two large environments, one for Mayan cultures and Zoques, while the other for the Spanish colonial period. Apart from its permanent exhibitions, the institution also exhibits temporary exhibitions that touch both ancient and modern subjects.

Palenque Ancient Ruins Of chiapas


This is one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico and Central America, which until today is still studied by various specialists, since most of its extension is still buried in the jungle. It has buildings in the typical Mayan pyramidal and quadrangular architecture perfectly preserved, such as the Temple of the Inscriptions, the Temple of the Count, the Temple of the Sun and the Observatory.

San Cristóbal de las Casas

This city founded in the sixteenth century has one of the most beautiful colonial areas of Mexico; the most notable architectural monuments are the cathedral, the temple and ex-convent of Santo Domingo de Guzman and the temple of La Merced. In addition, it has several museums, four of them very curious and interesting, the Museum of Mayan Medicine, Museum of Regional Costumes, Amber Museum and the Mesoamerican Jade Museum. Very close to the city, there are several ecological parks that are worth knowing.

Ambar Museum at San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas

Chiapa de Corzo

It is 15 kilometers from Tuxtla Gutiérrez and was the first capital of the state of Chiapas; its folkloric and cultural wealth can be seen in its traditional neighborhoods, its millenary crafts, its delicious food and its parties. The main celebration is the Enero Party, or Grande Party, a fusion of pre-Hispanic and colonial traditions that lasts almost the entire month.

Jade Museum

Sumidero Canyon

This imposing canyon of the Sierra Norte de Chiapas, just 5 kilometers from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, produces vertigo with its 1300 meters of depth. Lovers of natural observation visit this place that has national park status for the richness of its nature.

The annual calendar of Chiapas is full of parties in the different cities and towns of the state, so you can be almost sure that when you take one of the flights to Chiapas, in addition to enjoying the natural, cultural and historical wealth with which this place counts, you can be part of one of the most important and fun celebrations in the state, where we can advise you to spend it to the fullest enjoying music, food and especially the quality of its people.

Corners of Puerto Vallarta that you must visit

Puerto Vallarta beach

The greatest pride of Puerto Vallarta is among its most hidden paradises, those places of deep charm where few have been able to reach, places of which we have perhaps heard some anecdote and of which only a few have been able to witness its natural beauty. However, no matter how secret they may be, they are always willing to receive anyone who takes one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, so we have made this list of places to admire and discover another face of this great city.

The Arches of Mismaloya

One of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta is home to imposing rock formations where nature reigns. Mismaloya Arches are located south of the port in the heart of Banderas Bay; these colossal marine guards are home to various birds and colorful fish that paint their waters. In the place, you can practice diving, snorkeling and other water sports.

Conchas Chinas Beach

Within the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta is this beach of blue and white beauty, is divided into two areas for various activities, the first has an extensive territory of clear sand, ideal for walking towards the piles of rocks that form an arc. While the second part is an area of natural pools made of pure rock, where you can rest at leisure and practice snorkeling.

puerto vallarta place

Vallarta Botanical Garden

This place is an earthly paradise in the middle of the sea, has the oldest gardens in the area, in addition to having trails and bridges that cross this jungle plant. This site is located in the south near Boca de Tomatlan, and you can take some guided tours and various options to relax or taste some of its excellent restaurants.

The Eden


This beautiful place has an exotic nature and unique formations, it is 180 meters above sea level in the great jungle of Sierra Cuale, and it is without a doubt a spectacular adventure site surrounded by trees and an imposing valley. In the place, the Mismaloya River marks the rhythm with its natural waterfalls and emerald currents, and it is also recognized for having been the recording site for the movie The Predator.

predator in puerto vallarta

Majahuitas Beach

The greatest treasure of the Bay of Banderas can only be reached by sea; we speak of Majahuitas beach that is located within the romantic area of the port stealing the attention of travelers. Among its many charms has a reef of numerous underwater caves of great variety of animals, and is sheltered, behind them, by the jungle of Tuito, where an infinity of birds make this their home.

The Meetings and The Summers

This ejido of diverse happy rivers is the ideal place for lovers of heart to nature, has a line of zip lines, in addition to various camping sites, and has several viewpoints to unique landscapes, archaeological sites and bridges, where you can see the beauty of this site.

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of all these places in your next trip plan when choosing one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta and discover how these corners of the city hide a beauty without equal.



The traditional fair of the smiles of Leon Guanajuato

Guanajuato Feria

The year has just begun and many travelers already want to start new adventures to discover truly special places, and nothing better than starting these adventures with one of the flights to León Guanajuato, the capital of one of the states with more cultural, sports and artistic activities. The State Fair of León is the perfect excuse to enjoy mechanical games, craft exhibitions, sporting events and, of course, concerts at the beginning of the year. However, if you still lack reasons to make this trip, let us give you a few pretexts to encourage you to visit this wonderful land.

Access is very cheap

When we say that access to the Fair of León is very cheap, it is because it is really a bargain, because for only $11 pesos you will have access to the main space of the fair and many of its shows totally free. As well as the elderly and children have truly important discounts, that will make your visit still a better experience.

atractions in the fair

Most of their events are free

In addition, not because it is free means you will only see the technical high school band, but its international shows like multimedia shows, plays like The Swan Lake, or ice skating shows. To be clear about the events, it is best that you review your billboard details and decide on the shows that most attract your attention.

There is music for all tastes

There are also events, for which you do have to pay, but these concerts are really worthwhile, their musical offer offers options for all tastes and although the band and norteños are the most popular, it also has options for who like pop and electronic music, with international artists, who give a show worthy of admiration and enjoyment.

play places

The gastronomic offer

There is no need to leave the space of the fair to eat without remorse, the Fair of León is a great opportunity to taste the local cuisine in one of its restaurants or become a fan of some dishes that are served in food trucks. You can also take a good drink in the clubs installed especially for the event where you can taste the best craft beers in the region.

Enchiladas Potosinas

León has a great tourist offer

In addition to spending unforgettable moments at the Fair of León, you can also take advantage of the city’s attractions, such as the Expiatorio Temple, the Manuel Doblado Theater and the historic center. Take a little extra money to shop in their leather markets where you will find from a good jacket, to good shoes and the best thing is that they will be very cheap.

If you are looking for rest and be part of the culture of Guanajuato, you can´t miss the 2019 State Fair of León, where you can enjoy a wide variety of activities and guest artists, perfect to harmonize your stay. The also known as the Fair of Smiles, takes place from January 11 to February 5, so you have enough time to take one of the flights to León Guanajuato, and be part of this celebration that has many surprises for you .

La Ribera de Chapala, a must-see in Jalisco

Chapala lake


It is true that when we take one of the flights to Guadalajara the options to spend our days are enough, because this beautiful capital of Jalisco gives us a perfect point to come and go between its diverse populations that are ideal to get out of the routine or simply to rest. And less than an hour from Guadalajara, is the majestic Lake of Chapala, which is one of the largest in Mexico, in front of it we can travel the Ribera of Chapala, which is formed by a set of villages full of magic, so then we show you some of the things you can do in this paradise of the state of Jalisco.

The climate is ideal with medium and high temperatures most of the year, the vegetation is abundant and the kindness of the people is incomparable, in this way it is very common to find cars with license plates from Arizona, Mexico City, California or from Jalisco. Real estate companies that sell properties to foreigners abound in the streets and bilingual services are the order of the day.

Life in the streets is still a traditional Jalisco town, however, there are details that make it different from all the others, such as in shops and galleries, where it is common to find handmade crafts by locals, but also paintings and sculptures by some European artist.


Many things to do in the Ribera

One of the most important attractions of the Ribera de Chapala is the great variety of water sports and extreme that can be done there, so you shouldn´t miss the opportunity to practice water skiing. It has options for both beginners and professionals, including international tournaments in this category, in addition to instructors and specialized tracks for it.

Being in the Ribera of Chapala, don´t forget to visit the most important wixárica ceremonial center in Mexico, it is the Isla de los Alacranes, where according to Huichol beliefs, the origin of life was given. You can also visit the Presidio Island, known as Isla de Mezcala, and recognized by its Church of the Assumption.

Mezcala Island


The towns that you can´t miss


Don´t hesitate to visit the town of Ajilic, which is a place with a lot of color, its thatched roofs and walls with so many nuances house bars, restaurants and galleries with crafts of its people. You can also take a dip in the thermal waters of San Juan Cósala, achieving absolute relaxation in its spas.


Finally, if there is something you definitely shouldn´t miss from the Ribera of Chapala, it is from its very varied and delicious cuisine, you can taste a juicy birria in Jocotepec where they also sell delicious carafe ice creams, with unique flavors. On the other hand, if you want to buy wooden furniture of excellent quality, then don´t hesitate to visit Ocotlán where you will find truly artistic pieces of furniture.

Tequila Agave


Take advantage of the flights to Guadalajara and give yourself the pleasure of knowing these places, which together form one of the must-see places in Jalisco that must be visited with great care, since you could decide to stay to live there.

Mazatlan a sports ground

Beach Melfork


Renowned for its 20 kilometers of warm beaches, exquisite cuisine, 7 kilometers of spectacular Malecón, the tallest natural lighthouse in the world, the Carnival with the greatest tradition in Mexico, cradle of traditional band music and the most important Historic Center of the northwest, Mazatlan is considered a beach destination par excellence. Thanks to its extraordinary location, in the Pearl of the Pacific you can perform many sports, among which are fishing, golf and surfing as the main ones, some of these sports are even the biggest reason why people take one of the many flights to Mazatlan, as well as being a perfect city to rest, it is also to spend exciting moments in each of them.


Sport Fishing is unique in its kind

Mazatlan is recognized in the sport fishing environment as the largest fish trap in the world, since the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez join there, leading to the formation of the largest fish bank in the country. It has a large number of species such as pelagic, marlin and tuna, even coastal species. The ideal places to do freshwater fishing in Mazatlan are the Picachos Dam and the El Salto Dam.


The best golf courses in Mexico

It is the sport in Mazatlan with great followers for having the golf courses that are among the best in the country for the artisanal care of the grass and a beautiful view of the sea, that make the experience of playing golf in the destination unique. Some golf courses where experts can play or practice this fascinating sport in Mazatlan are El Cid Resorts, Estrella del Mar, Club Campestre, Marina Mazatlan and Pacific Golf Center. Among those that are considered first class are El Cid Resorts, designed by Lee Treviño, Estrella del Mar, a project by Robert Tren Jones Jr. and Marina Mazatlan, designed by the famous architect David Flemming, they have made several tournaments national and international as their extensions make them very challenging.


Golf at beach

Here you can ride perfect waves

Mazatlan is one of the tourist places of Mexico, ideal for surfing because of its extraordinary waves and its warm sea. Professionals of water sports, both national and foreign, live a great experience on their beaches so that on several occasions has been carried out “The National Surfing Games”, for having the air and land connectivity to the main cities of the country , in addition to meeting the demands for such an important event. Likewise, the place allows surfers to practice some kite surfing, and the destination has wonderful beaches where waves can break to the right, to the left or to both sides.

The Pearl of the Pacific has developed various land and water sports for the enjoyment of its visitors, in addition to offering first class hotels, restaurants with excellent cuisine, the warmth of the inhabitants and excellent terrestrial, air and sea connectivity, so there is no pretext not to search between the many flights to Mazatlan and enjoy the best experience.