Chief of the Norwegian Navy: That’s why the largest military ship in the world visits Oslo

– The decision to come to Norway was taken by the US Navy, and was welcomed by Norway, said Rear Admiral Rune Andersen, Chief of the Norwegian Navy.


On Wednesday, the American aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford docked in the Oslo Fjord, and 4,500 Americans disembarked in the capital.

According to Norwegian Rear Admiral and Chief of Navy Rune Andersen, the Norwegian Navy and the US Navy’s 6th Fleet have had a long-standing close relationship.

– The fleet is stationed here in Europe, due to increased interest and military activity in the North Atlantic. We coordinate them daily, and have an ongoing dialogue with them. Then there is also the desire to visit the port in Oslo, said Andersen.

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NAVY BOSS: Rear Admiral Rune Andersen, Head of the Norwegian Navy.

– Is it to show strength against Russia?

– No, but what is happening is that this type of capacity is now again present almost constantly in European waters. There is a background to an increase in collective defense, Andersen replied.

– What’s the signal to Russia?

– The signal is mainly that we are a strong alliance capable of self-defense. And our strength lies primarily in the unity of nations in NATO.

According to Andersen, it was natural for Americans to come to Norway to train and train in open water.

– To be prepared to operate here, if necessary, said Andersen.

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The American aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford arrived in Oslofjord on Wednesday afternoon.

Improved support

According to Andersen, Norway’s defense and NATO membership have received increased support after Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. It has also received allied training and practice.

– I think people see that the war in Europe causes more uncertainty, and then we see why we cooperate with alliances.

– There is a greater understanding of the need for a strong defense.

– In the past, our risk of being targeted by terrorists when we have great power here has become a topic. Was it discussed prior to this visit?

– As you can see around us now, good preparations and protective measures have been put in place around this visit. This ensures that it’s done in a safe way, Andersen says.


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