Chlum has purchased a medical center near Třeboň and wants to maintain services there

The health center belonged to the doctor who sold it to Chlum for seven million crowns. Half of that amount was provided by the Southern Bohemian Region. There is also unused space in the Puskesmas, where previously there were dental and gynecological surgeries.

“We believe that we will be able to maintain health care in the village and, over time, fill the void. As part of the overall maintenance, modernization and especially in terms of operational and energy intensity, the building will gradually require construction modifications,” said the mayor of Chlum near Třeboň, Jitka Bednářová.

The South Bohemian region has spent money on the purchase of the center from a regional investment fund. This is a program that financially supports various city projects. “We want the money to be used for special things for South Bohemia,” said Cuban Governor of South Bohemia Martin Cuba (ODS). Bednářová said that without regional support, Chlum near Třeboň would not be able to afford a medical center. The building may end up in private hands and the new owners may use it for commercial purposes.

Chlum near Třeboň is located a few kilometers from the Austrian border. There are about 2000 residents, in the past there was the largest iron factory in the region. Nearby is the Hejtman pond, which is a popular tourist destination in the summer months.

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