Christmas for Politicians: How Do Czech Politicians Spend the Holidays? And how much do they give for gifts?

Christmas is seen as a holiday of peace and tranquility. On the other hand, the pre-Christmas rush represents stress for many people and cuts into their time. Otherwise, not even Czech politicians are in it. They have also found gifts, called their families and are getting ready for the holidays. For example, the most exemplary MP is Petr Gazdik (STAN), who had already told Blesk Zprávám in mid-December that the penultimate prize would be taken. “I’ve thought of everything, but it’s also secured. Now I’m just waiting and figuring out how it will go as I order most of it online.” she says.

The owner didn’t want to reveal which gift was the most expensive, so the recipient wouldn’t read it. “Overall, I’m around 10-12k at the moment,” he answered a question about what kind of budget he made under the tree.

Who slaps their pocket and who needs a hundred?

The Deputy Chairman of the Board also spoke about the budget Klara Dostalova (YES). She looked forward to the upcoming holidays, which her grandson (2,5) would be more aware of, so she bought a very large tree for the house, which she decorated with her husband. “I’m sure Kryštof will really like it. My whole family loves Christmas and we look forward to enjoying it together.” Flash told the News.

Just like Gazdík, so too He used to find things in electronics stores. He had a slightly larger budget and left about 20 thousand crowns in gifts. “Then I have two wishes, especially health in the family and I hope that peace will finally come, because in the world they cannot enjoy holidays,” he added when asked what he wanted.

Other politicians approached were much more modest. For example the President of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) confessed that he and his wife had had an agreement for years that they only buy gifts for a hundred or two. “You know, I’m against waste, and especially my wife, and when I think of absolutely insane piles of paper after they’re taken apart, I find that uneducational. We arrange it like this in the family, but I will say right away that it doesn’t apply to children, but we do it with adults. After all, the most important thing about Christmas isn’t how expensive the gifts you get, for God’s sake,” she told us during a balance interview.

Even the chairman of the KDU-ČSL parliamentary club, Marek Výborný, did not give that kind of money for prizes. “I can’t count them now, like not tens of thousands,” Lightning told the News. “A good book makes me happy. So I at least have time to read one on Christmas, so I hope to get one.” he added.

Even the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Lidovce would have liked the book Marian Jurečkaas expressed by Blesk Zpravám. “When one continues to read those dry and legislative texts, one looks forward to a good book,” said Mrhe responded by saying that he liked reading and novels about World War II, for example.

Prime Peter Fila (ODS) doesn’t care about prizes at all, as he admits on Facebook. “Gifts, my wife has to arrange them, she does it every year, so she’s used to it, but Christmas is not about gifts here. On the one hand, we, our family, experience Christmas as a holiday of joy, the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ, the religious dimension of Christmas important to us,” stated

According to the video, Christmas is an important holiday for the prime minister as it gives him the opportunity to spend a few days peacefully with his family and not have to deal with politics. “I felt it especially, very strongly this year precisely because I had so few opportunities to see my family, let alone the years before,” supply.

Jurečka heads to play, Decroix looking forward to peace

All the politicians approached were looking forward to family and a moment of peace. “Therefore, we didn’t prepare in any way, no cleanup orders were put in place. We just hope to be together.” MP Eva Decroix (ODS) also confided in Blesk Zprávám. He reveals that he and his family do not follow any family customs, but he personally looks forward to living “at the end of the world”, and that is why he looks forward to the peace and quiet in snowy Dubenky. “We really are just a family there and we have the whole house to ourselves and it’s such a romantic place,” he added.

Vystrčil, in turn, hopes to spend a lot of time with his grandson, with whom he plans to build a model birthplace with statues painted by Mikoláš Aleš. “That’s the beauty of it. Then we’ll go buy goldfish together and so on. And the kids look forward to the gifts too,” he added.

New Year's and Christmas speeches of politicians: Zeman will not be in the Czech Republic!  And what are Pekarová or Vystrčil doing?

An even more action-packed Christmas awaits Jurečka. He confessed, for example, that he was expected to participate in a midnight concert, where he would play the tuba. But he can also play the flute. “I’ve probably been looking forward to this Christmas the most since I was a kid, because I literally have a lot of them. And now I’m sure I can turn them off. We’ve been meeting up for dinner at our place for almost 19 years. Before we go to the tree, let’s play some musical instruments. It’s a family thing, otherwise we don’t chop apples or pour tin at home.” also stated

Jurečka’s party partners are also looking forward to Christmas carols and carols Amazing Markwho, like every year, went with his children to his parents for fish soup and before meeting under the tree, he stopped in the square near the church, where he thought there were always several hundred people and where he met a number of acquaintances . “Of course you can’t miss midnight and other Christmas customs and traditions,” he added.

Even Gazdík, who had been in Scouting with his wife, was looking forward to midnight, so he handed out Christmas lights and put goldfish scales in his purse. Dostálova did too.

Most of the politicians mentioned that their thoughts are also directed towards Ukraine and they hope that the situation will ease next year. The president of the parliamentary club ANO also had the war-torn country in mind Alena Schillerová. “I am well aware that for many of you this holiday will be very different from any you have experienced before. They would be much simpler, perhaps even under the shadow of worry about the future. I will think of you most, my neighbor. Not only at Christmas, but every day in 2023, when I will not stop fighting for your better future.” he wrote on Facebook.

She also shares her pre-Christmas creations on Facebook Jan Skopeck, who signed the gifts in the Advent wreath. The former prime minister’s wife boasted on Instagram that she was wrapping gifts for children from socially disadvantaged families.

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