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“When the levee broke” was written in 1929 and describes the effects of the great flood in Mississippi two years earlier.

In 1971, the world famous group created Led Zeppelin his version of this song is about the terrible flood disaster in the United States.

A few years ago, the producer in the project asked Songs all over the world Lead Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones to join in on the remake of this song.

Jones said yes, but asked producers to include artist Sami with whom he had collaborated for several years. That’s why the new version includes toner from Sápmi.

JONES AND EIRA: In 2015, Elle Marja Eira performed at Vads along with John Paul Jones at Ice station. Together they called themselves Snoweye.

Photo: Ekaterina Golitsyna / Municipality of Finnmark County

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Jones says the text is relevant today:

Little has changed since 1927, or for that matter 2005 with Hurricane Katrina. And it’s a powerful song, both lyrically and musically.

told to joke

Music video for «When the embankment breaks» published earlier this week. One of the first things you hear is the voice of artist Sami Elle Márjá Eira.

A small, but strong and clear sound that eventually becomes a yoik.

I listened to the song “When the embankment breaks” several times. Then I went to my little home studio and recorded what is now included in the finished song, says Elle Márjá.

Elle Marja Eira with musicians performing at a rainforest conference.

IMPORTANT TOPIC: Elle Márjá Eira will be performing here with the band at the rainforest conference in 2014.

Photo: Mette Ballovara / NRK

In an hour he was done. And that’s how he likes to work – playing a little and improvising. Just do it and don’t practice too much. This is how music comes to life, the artist believes.

I had been told by John Paul Jones that I had great artistic freedom, but at the same time he said he wanted me to yoik, he said.

Elle Márjá is excited to be taking part in another project with Jones, and she wants to say as much as possible, without using a single word – just kidding.

Collect money with music

Since 2002, the organization Playing for Change has wanted to unite the world through music. And it is on the organization’s website that you will find the video “When the levee breaks”.

Playing for change, among other things, contributes to the income from music used to build music schools in poor countries.

Music as a tool

The fact that music is used as a tool to raise money is nothing new. The world has experienced many major disasters, such as famine and natural disasters.

Among those remembered to this day is Band Aid with the song “Did they know it was Christmas?” and USA for Africa with the song «We are the world».

Artist Elisabeth Andreassen agrees that music can affect the world. He participated in the song “Together for life” to earn income for hungry people in Africa.

At that time, they felt the community was being used to help those who had nothing, he said.

Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska and Elisabeth Andreaasen

USE VOICE: Elisabeth Andreassen with spokeswoman Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska. Beaska is a staunch advocate for land and water protection.

Photo: Johan Mathis Gaup / NRK

Elisabeth Andreassen recently returned home after a holiday trip to the Maldives, and there she saw with her own eyes how polluted the world is.

– We landed on small beautiful islands, which at first glance seem beautiful. However, as we walked closer to the bushes by the beach, we found large barrels, fishing nets, and plastic bags lying there.

– Pollution fills us everywhere, and that’s why it’s important for artists and others to use their voices to get people to listen, says Elisabeth.

Standing in the midst of climate change

Even though the music video is great now that it’s out, Elle Márjá Eira isn’t slacking off.

He is an artist and filmmaker, and today he is making the latest recordings for a new film. In fact, he was on his way to the plateau when NRK made contact.

This winter there has been constant change of weather, and here I stand, I see how hard it is for the reindeer to get to the ground because of the ice sheet beneath the snow.

I saw the changes with my own eyes, says Elle Márjá.

Deer eat fodder because they cannot reach mosses and mosses.  There is some layer of ice preventing it.  Therefore, deer owners have to feed themselves.  They chose not to.

Deer eat fodder because they cannot reach mosses and mosses. There are several layers of ice blocking them, therefore the owner of the deer must feed them.

Emergency operation to save deer.

Huge sacks of fodder were transported to the highlands by helicopter as part of an emergency operation to save deer from starvation.

Reindeer at Saltfjellet in Nordland.

Sometimes feed is transported by snowmobile. This is at Saltfjellet in Nordland.

But what effect does such a project have?

I think artistic projects are very effective. Just look at what this song gets from the reviews. Rolling Stone magazine wrote about it, and it is read by people all over the world, says Elle Márjá.

He believes that art is a useful tool, because it reaches so many people and leads to messages being heard.

Must use the voice we have

Both Elle Márjá and Elisabeth agree that it is important to carry out such a project. Otherwise, important issues will not be seen enough.

Here, climate activist Elisabeth Greta Thunberg sets a good example.

We must take the voices of young people seriously. youshe didn’t really care about climate issues as much as they do now, says Elisabeth.

The current pastoral crisis shows the seriousness we face, and I am conveying my message through my art, concludes Elle Márjá Eira.

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