Clijsters quits tennis again, family comes first

Update: 12.04.2022 16:32

St. Petersburg (USA) – Former world number one Kim Clijsters is back and appears to have definitively put an end to tennis. The 38-year-old mother of three will be completely dedicated to the family she moved from her native Belgium to her husband’s US.

“I have decided not to play in any more official tournaments. I can’t wait for the new adventure that awaits me,” said the four-time Grand Slam champion. Instagram.

Clijsters ended her career in 2007 and then again five years later. In 2019, he decided to try again, complicated by the coronavirus pandemic and health concerns. After the comeback, he didn’t win any of the three matches he played. He underwent knee surgery last October.

In an interview with net The WTA now says that families residing in New Jersey are preferred. “I still like to play. With my schedule, three or four days will be enough to keep my rhythm, but of course it won’t be enough if I decide to play tournaments. If I want to go to Australia, three to three days. four weeks. It’s at this stage. Our family life is not going well,” said the winner of the 41 WTA tournament.

Clijsters tennis career

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