Climate change is detected on the Greenland ice sheet for the first time

ICE GREENLAND is RELATIVEly important to climate science, and on Wednesday a disturbing study of the island was published in Nature. What role does the Greenland ice sheet actually play in the global climate system, and what’s happening there? More on that in this week’s main section, but first:


  • The Guardian newspaper been through carbon credit issued by the world’s largest provider, Verra, and concludes that the carbon savings are 10 percent of the company’s claim. Several major companies, including Disney, Shell and Gucci, have purchased carbon credits from Verra, and some have gone on to label products as carbon neutral.
  • Fishermen in the municipality of Meløy reported catching cod that escaped the farm, but no one knows where the cod came from. That’s what NRK wrote. The Norcod captive company does own a site in the area, but refuses to allow escapees. “This fish has been genetically altered, and grows faster than it should. In water, it behaves like an egg biscuit and is very stiff. That’s as far as it goes”said the fisherman Lars-Gøran Ulriksen. Escaped farmed fish can affect genetically endangered coastal cod.
  • Freshwater fish

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