Commentary: Northwest on 17? Now the peak

FIND AN UMBRELLA: On Children’s Day, the weather god ensures that children in some parts of Norway have enough standing water to jump in. Image taken from Oslo 2021.

CENTRAL NORWAY (VG) Examination, test, confirmation, fever, spread of filth, volunteering and national day all in one. And now some say it might snow.


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Because it’s not just the king who is sick. The neighbors’ children had a fever on the fourth day, and were worried that they would lose the nail competition on National Day.

Parents who had invited the family for confirmation over the weekend were also baffled.

It’s not just them who are sick, so are the confirmations. And how will they manage everything?

Adults will be selling ice cream and sausages at schools on May 17. This is the kind of volunteerism that never ends, but goes straight into confirmation preparation.

And suddenly you’re standing there and having a potato race in confirmation.

GOOD MOOD: May 17 training at Ersfjordbotn in Kvaløya outside Tromsø in 2000.

If anything comes from the party. Exams have been wiped clean.

But there are new opportunities after the weekend. Then there is an exam for the Russian language, with a possible exception for those who call their cars “f*** pirates”.

Parents are unlikely to be able to wake them up.

BERGEN 2000: The umbrellas gathered as usual in Torgallmenningen on 17 May this year.

In all this pressure, Yr reports that sunny weather that vaporizes chlorophyll is right here in the middle of Norway.

Not just a little. On National Day, it will be northwest, the temperature drops sharply and – wait for it – snow (!) more than 300 meters.

And it was in the middle of spring, which finally took place.

The peasants had been driving the dung for days, and everything including the linen shirt was marked with the smell of dung that had been chewed for a long time.

Of course the clothes had not been ironed.

LILLESTRØM 2008: Acid rain and winds as in most of the rest of the country that year.

Maybe some of us will get in shape, so that we can at least hear the school band at their peak.

Otherwise, we can just sit inside and shoot. with electricity.

Because electricity is actually free on National Day. This is what happens when it rains and floods.

EIDSVOLD 1814: People from all over Norway, except for the northernmost counties, wrote the constitution in record time in the spring of 1814. They lived on Carsten Anker’s estate in Eidsvold, cold and dirty.

Historically correct, we can boast that it will be, when we go out and freeze, in our layout, but at the same time too tight, bunads.

For the Eidsvolds who wrote the constitution (which we will celebrate tomorrow) they were a complete freeze.

Ice was still on those spring waters.

And on the plantation north of Gardermoen, the spring water solution ensures that the men get muddy and hideous.

The count had to sleep with gout. Others have diarrhea.

In return they had box after box of (sour) wine. There were 112 of them, and they could fit a hundred bottles for dinner. Then the day starts with a beer and drama.

THEY MADE 19 DRAFT: The Constitution adopted at Eidsvold in 1814.

Anyone wishing to recreate the atmosphere has probably noticed that none of the northerners arrived in time. And it’s not a champagne breakfast.

But can we honor their memory with mulled wine in red wine, adapted to the frost season?

Because obviously we should be celebrating one of the freest and most democratic laws in the world at that time. Written in full 209 years ago.

Happy birthday!


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