– Completely agree with some of the criticisms

OSLO SPECTRUM (VG) There was loud jeering during Brann’s big cup final event at Oslo Spektrum when it was mentioned that Carl Erik Torp would be commenting on the final for NRK. – Many felt that NRK did not take the trophy seriously, explained the support manager.

– This is the kind of criticism they have to make. I live very well with it, Carl-Erik Torp told VG.

On Friday night, the former footballer appeared on stage in front of some 3,000 Brann supporters who were preparing for Saturday’s cup final. When Brann met Lillestrøm in the cup final on Saturday, Torp sat as usual in the commentary box for NRK. He has been a regular football commentator and pundit on the channel for several years.

A former Brann player, he had connections to the club, and before he took the stage the fans sang “We have Calle Torp, Calle Torp, we have Calle Torp”. In September 2011, Torp was acquired cardiac arrest when Brann meets Sogndal. That meant he had to give up.

However, his tune quickly changed during the event on Spectrum. Because when conference host Remi Taule mentioned that Torp would be commenting on the NRK match, many in the hall reacted with loud booing, as you can see in the video above.

Torp then responded with a clueless gesture, but he explained to VG that he knew what the scoff was about – namely NRK’s ​​coverage of the cup.

– I completely agree with some of the criticism, that we haven’t highlighted cup coverage enough. But then I think we’re on the road to recovery, said Torp.

– Many felt that NRK did not take the cup seriously, explained the manager from battalion,battalion,The battalion is the official supporters club of Sportsklubben Brann. Erlend Ytre-Arne Vågane to VG.

Among other things, his criticism has been about the fact that many believe that NRK has had too few cases and too little coverage of the cup in general. In addition, influence and former captain Mjøndalen Mads Hansen was among those who criticized the trophy broadcast to NRK because, among other things, it has a lot of errors in the graphics showing line-ups.

– Part of the criticism about the cup broadcast is very justified. We weren’t happy with the look of the lineup. We have to investigate how this happened, so that it doesn’t happen again, NRK sports editor-in-chief Anders Sårheim told VG at the time.

Bergen Newspaper later wrote about the crowd being dissatisfied with the single-camera production of the cup match between Brann and Haugesund at the Åsane Arena.

“If there’s less production on the cup now, NRK Sport, then we’re talking about dads shooting local cups on video cameras in the nineties,” was the feedback on social media.

A fourth cup round is set for the same weekend with cross-country skiing from Holmenkollen. NRK, who owned the rights to both parts, wanted to move the cup round, but were not heard by the Norwegian Football Association.

– It was very demanding for us then, but we hope to have a cup party tomorrow, editor-in-chief NRK Sårheim told VG on Friday evening.

– Tomorrow’s cup final will be fantastic, I think. We have a good development plan there. Then one will always think that things are not good enough. It was like working at NRK, says Torp.

Despite the scorn, he was also pleased with the tributes he received from the fans at first.

– With my story, it is very special. They show that they care about me. There was a lot of love and it touched me a lot, Torp told VG.

The cup final between Brann and Lillestrøm is at 16.00 on Saturday and will be broadcast on NRK 1.

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