Complications again for good luck or bad luck? Representative had to change plans due to plane failure

Is it possible to enter the same river twice? It will soon be revealed … Departure delay due to engine failure last June brought luck to the Czech national team. The squint ward went to Budapest with a half day delay and a spare machine. In the round of 16 against the Netherlands, they showed their best performance at EURO and advanced to the next round.

The match at Solna on the outskirts of Stockholm will be the first step towards advancing to the world championships on Thursday. The winner will then head to the decisive battle in Poland.

Press spokesman Petr edivý on the issue of departure to SwedenVideos: FACR

Coach Jaroslav Ilhav will definitely prefer to stick to the original plan. The national team trains in Strahov in the morning, in the afternoon flying from Sweden to Ruzyně at 16:00.

However, due to problems with the plane, he had to hastily change his plans and spend the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Prague. At the match venue in Solna near Stockholm on Wednesday, he underwent traditional pre-match training and will start the semi-finals of the playoffs on Thursday from 20:45.

The representation had no technical problems with the aircraft for the first time. Last year’s Patalia was not the first before a round of European Championship wins with the Netherlands. In 2018, under previous coach Karel Jarolím, the national team did not fly to China in preparation for the tournament as originally planned.

“We believe that if we had to face such worries, things would end up like last year at the EURO, when we beat the Netherlands after a similar problem and advanced to the quarter-finals of the European Championships,” hoped a national team spokesman. petr ediv.

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