Confiscation of Russian property? Prime Minister Morawiecki wants to discuss this at a meeting with the opposition

Mateusz Morawiecki

© photo: Aleksiej Witwicki / Gazeta Polska
Mateusz Morawiecki

At a meeting with the opposition, we want to raise the issue of how Poland can freeze and confiscate Russian property in our country, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview with “Wprost”. Government spokesman Piotr Müller informed that on Monday the prime minister will meet with representatives of parliamentary political forces about the situation in Ukraine and assistance for refugees.

In an interview published late Sunday in the online edition of “Wprost”, the prime minister indicated that he would like to raise the issue at the meeting. how Poland can freeze and confiscate Russian property in our country.

– There are several such plantations with us. On the one hand, we have constitutional limits on such activities related to property rights, and on the other – more and more Poles do not understand, why, if Italy confiscates the yacht of the Russian oligarchs, we cannot carry out such actions in our country

– he noticed. “We wanted to do it through the Sejm and we decided that the opposition should be involved in this process,” the head of government added.

He emphasized that in Poland there are some real estate and financial assets of Russia, namely the shares of companies that have to be expropriated by Poland. “After all, our camp really supports it“- said Morawiecki.

He also informed that at the next NATO meeting, Poland will present a proposal for a NATO peacekeeping mission to the rest of the Alliance.

“In the international arena, you have to set ambitious goals, set high standards. This is our proposal for the peace mission of NATO and other international organizations. Today, Denmark and Lithuania speak positively about such a mission, because they know that this is their mission. the only way to maintain an important part of Ukrainian society before the atrocities of the war “

– said the prime minister.

Referring to the opposition’s accusations that the peace mission proposal could lead to World War III, Morawiecki noted that passivity brings us closer to war than decisive action for peace. “If we want to submit, Russia is just waiting, which means that it already has plans to conquer more countries. I believe that letting Putin pursue his aggressive policies could lead to World War III“- stressed the head of government.

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