Conrad (11) found the guards

– He made his plans yesterday, explained Christian Navarrete’s father over the phone.

His son Conrad is going to a national match with uncle Andreas Reinshol, and the 11-year-old has no plans to go home empty-handed.

– He asked me if he could be allowed to run on the field, but I don’t think he would. So I just advise him to look like a guard who isn’t in top shape, run past and follow a predetermined route. It paid off, the father said and burst out laughing.

“I just have to do it”

NRK meets young track robber outside the stadium. He made no secret of the fact that he knew what he wanted.

REACHING THE OBJECTIVE: The 11 year old gets the suit before he is guided off the field by a keeper.

Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

– I want Haaland’s suit. He was substituted so I asked Martin degaard first but then I saw Haaland. And then I asked him.

The guards were looking for a new equipment owner, but that didn’t stop him.

Conrad in the Haaland suit

PROUD: Conrad cheers outside the Ullevaal stadium.

Photo: Tommy André Lunde / NRK

– I don’t think enough. It was like “I just had to do it”, he said with a big smile.

In doing so, he secured the first top scorer national team kit with the number nine on his back.

Charming uncle

The management of the national team has protected Haaland from everything and everyone so far in the ongoing encounter. This meant that he was not yet available to the press, but the young Conrad did not manage to keep his distance.

uncle Andreas Reinshol – who took the boy to international matches – admits he was tricked by his nephew.

– This is what he should have said, Reinshol said with a twinkle in his eye.

– But it’s cool that he got the suit. “I’ve taken Haaland myself,” he continued.

There was more of Conrad storming the pitch after the game, and Sander Berge was asked about the episode during the press conference following the 2-0 win.

– That may come when there is a little push and interest around the team and we have some great profiles, is the midfielder’s comments.

According to NTB, the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) might expect a reaction from UEFA, as some spectators entered the Ullevaal grass.

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