Cruise ships change itineraries. Canceling stops in Russia

Viking Cruises has canceled sales of cruises on Russian rivers for the rest of the year. And for overseas cruises he also chose another stop. “We are very much against the conflict in Ukraine and it breaks our hearts how many people are affected by this situation,” the Independent server quoted the shipping company as saying. Due to the situation, it also interfered with sales in Ukraine.

Royal Caribbean and its sister Celebrity Cruises have also decided to respond to the current situation. Both will download St. Petersburg of all summer itineraries and will be looking for an alternative stop. “The safety of our guests and crew is always our top priority. We are constantly monitoring the situation in the world, including Ukraine,” commented a company representative.

They added that they had planned alternative stops and that the changes would be communicated to their partners and passengers soon.

It’s a frequent goal

Four MSC Cruises ships also regularly head to St. Petersburg. However, due to security concerns, no one will dock in the Russian city. “Due to current events, we are in touch with alternative ports such as Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn. We will confirm exact details for each of our vessels soon,” the company commented.

St. Petersburg also pulled Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings from its itinerary, which has several subsidiaries under it, namely Norwegian Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Oceania Cruises. At the same time, the ship will be moored in the Russian city about fifty times during the summer.

“Due to the deteriorating situation between Russia and Ukraine, we have decided to adjust the direction of our forthcoming cruise and thereby exclude St. Petersburg from the itinerary,” the company wrote to its customers.

The head of the company, Frank Del Rio, said he was disappointed that he thought St. Petersburg as a gem when sailing through the Nordic countries. “But there is an alternative,” he concluded.

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