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They didn’t have time to throw away the confetti from Torgallmenningen after Sunday’s festivities NM Brann’s untimely victory before finally being ready for one in accordance cup match, namely one that was part of a continuous series of decisive matches which ended in an exciting final on a Sunday in December – the same year.

Dreams and drama on Follo

Early Monday morning, 200 spectators had turned up at the Follo stadium in the southeast of the capital to welcome the first regular trophy in four years in the men’s team.

And in return, all the excitement they could hope for in a first round match.

THAT TIME: Follo had a rare cup adventure in 2010. Here, the first division side had just beaten Rosenborg 3-2 after extra time in the semi-finals. Strømsgodset won the final 2-0.

Photo: West Nusa Tenggara

The home team, which occupies the top spot in the 3rd division, faces Oslo Kjelsås team from the division above.

The quality gap has for a long time seemed even bigger.

Kjelsås led 2–0 and looked to have complete control over the promotion.

But with two goals in three second-half minutes, Follo equalized and took the match to extra time and eventually penalties.

Here Kjelsås emerged victorious and was able to return to Oslo with his dream still intact.

Which is about meeting Vålerenga or Lillestrøm at home in the next round and creating one of those sensations that form the basis of the cup’s unique magic.

FOOTBALL NM Follo / Lillestrøm 4-2

In 2010, Follo was full of trophies. Here’s Christian Bwamyi in action against Lillestrøm. Follo won the match 4–2 and made it to the final, where they lost against Strømsgodset.

Photo: Morten Holm/NTB

Pandemic pause button

Part of the magic has been lost. It’s not just that the pandemic changed all glossaries.

The Cup had been struggling with diminishing enthusiasm for some time before. Especially among the top clubs. But the pandemic presented an opportunity they and the Norwegian Football Association found a little too tempting.

For while the women’s cup is set up more or less as planned, among the men it is the cup that is being sacrificed as schedules go up, after football’s unintended hiatus during the spring and summer of 2020.

The Battle for the King’s Cup will not take place again until July 24, 2021.

The cup final takes place on May 1, 2022. That is, for 2021. And here, in fact, more than allowed to get confused.

But even Norway’s top two sides, Molde and Bodø/Glimt, failed to draw more than 19,500 spectators to Ullevaal in the sunshine. Nevertheless, discussions are starting as to whether this isn’t a better solution for the cup and not least for Norwegian football in the long term.

The Norwegian team will go out and conquer Europe, and then the decisive cup round in the fall is too much foreign elements. For the best team.

Also, elite teams need quality matchers in the spring to early in the series. Here, an intensive period of cup matches will come in handy.

NM in football, men (final): Bodø/Glimt - Molde (0-1)

Erling Moe and his support staff let off steam as Molde beat Bodø/Glimt 1–0 in the cup final.

Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg/NTB

Dazzling football party

Nor is it possible to make a better argument for moving the entire tournament to the spring than it did last weekend. It’s a continuous football party all summer weekends – and in Norway’s two biggest cities.

It was a commitment on a level we haven’t seen since, yes, Brann was last in the final.

Amid chants of supporters, tens of thousands of people took trains to Ullevaal and many also celebrated in Torgallmenningen, a football match was also played.

Brann deservedly won it 2-0 over a somewhat underwhelming Lillestrøm side.

NM football, men's cup final 2022 SK Brann – Lillestrøm SK

Brann provided the euphoria in Bergen when he beat Lillestrøm in the cup final on 20 May.

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell/NTB

But in the stands it is much smoother. Two of perhaps the most committed and interesting groups of Norwegian supporters know all too well how to celebrate Norway’s own football holiday – the one for the 2022 season.

Only now was the trophy clock finally set.

Big opportunities

But something wasn’t as it should be – or – at least the way it used to be. It was 20 degrees, and it was Saturday. Everything is too colorful, too comfortable.

Too common.

Too bad.

The cup shouldn’t be snug.

The Cup was the visiting top team in front of an old wooden grandstand, a pile of ashes that sensationally won on a misjudged penalty and the final was shrouded in the cold smoke of 25,000 tainted throats in Advent.

With the presence of the king.

Cups are big dreams. For everyone who doesn’t have much to dream about.

For a career that came to an abrupt halt at level 4. Until Rosenborg came to visit and gave them that one big shot you only get in cups to still taste great.

Back to stay?

Now there are powerful forces looking to turn the tournament into what most resembles a formal round of training matches for the elite in the spring where the smaller clubs are in fact deprived of the opportunity for a unique opportunity to take part in the tournament. real adventure.

And by doing so give the pandemic a lasting impression it is utterly undeserved of.

So far, clubs and supporters have been victorious in their bid to return to format with a final in late autumn. As long as it lasts.

The election led by Brede Hangeland will see Norway’s entire season set. With the aim of increasing Norway’s competitiveness in an increasingly attractive European Cup.

Then Can the program of matches in the fall will again be used as an argument for moving the cup, although the best team squads are more extensive than perhaps ever before.

But it definitely doesn’t have to be the same. Because the cup must be left as before. Which makes it different in Norway and the UK than almost every other country in the world.

Maybe it sounds too romantic.

But if there’s something really missing from modern football, it’s precisely the feeling of something truly authentic.

2012 harvest

In 2012, Hødd ended up with a real cup feat when they beat Tromsø in the final at Ullevaal.

Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt/NTB

That’s how the Norwegian champions for 2022, Sportsklubben Brann of Bergen, will feel as they begin the fastest title defense in history.

Four days after the cup win, Sivert captain Heltne Nilsen led his team onto the artificial turf at the Varden Amfi. The opponents in the first round of the cup are the 3rd division side who have been waiting since they knocked out Bremnes in the second qualifying round at the end of March for this opportunity.

Out there in Fyllingsdalen, the Brann players can sing Nystemten as loud as they want before a game.

Because the real trophy is back. And that must be allowed to continue.

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