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ukasz Rogojsz asked Tadeusz Cymański about judicial reform. There is currently a presidential draft amendment to the law on the Supreme Court in the Sejm. liquidation of the Disciplinary Chamber. Liquidation of the Chamber, their recovery suspended by it he wonders and the start of reform of the judicial disciplinary system is a condition that Poland must meet in order for the European Commission to accept the National Reconstruction Plan. Andrzej Duda’s project was opposed by Solidarna Polska.

Already on Wednesday at 12:05 the second reading of the project at the Supreme Court and the liquidation of the Disciplinary Chamber will take place – Solidarna Polska’s position will only be known during parliamentary discussions and Thursday’s voting bloc, but – as Cymański reported – PiS and Solidarna Polska finally agreed on the case this.

– I’m optimistic by nature, I’m also a specialist in peace, not war, I’m always looking for a deal also in politics. (…) There is no trivial reason for our stubbornness, and we are also not happy with it – says Tadeusz Cymański. – We pay attention to certain details, but the provisions regarding the independence of judges are very important and crucial. That’s all about it. To this day, this issue gives rise to various emotions – he added.

I won’t go into details, but an agreement has been reached and I hope this law will be adopted. It was not easy for us, because the leader of Polish Solidarity is the minister of justice. It’s not trivial. We don’t mean “mine is above”, but in practice this highly awaited compromise and KPO action will go well, he stressed. Let us remember that KPO approval is required to pay Poland EUR 36 billion from the Reconstruction Fund.

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“We also have ears, we are not angels”

Tadeusz Cymański was also asked whether there would be a split in the Union of Right and Solidarna Polska would be forced to run in the next parliamentary election. As he stated, it would be a “dark day” for him.

– The socio-political program is my joy. For years I waited for state policy, with all kinds of things, omissions, mistakes, alleged crises, because we also have ears, we are not angels, but the change of policy towards a more social direction is undeniable and with this we will be elected as the United Right— he insisted.

He added that the coalition would not be divided even by the negative remarks of Sejm Marshal Ryszard Terlecki against Polish Solidarity. – Let him talk privately, that’s fine. Don’t tell mummy what happened at school, don’t tell anyone what happened at home. Mothers teach us this from childhood and this rule also applies to politics – asserts Tadeusz Cymański.

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