Czech Switzerland: There is also a risk of heart attack from smoking

The fires in the Czech Republic have frightened the whole Czech Republic. It’s hard to believe, but smoke can be smelled almost everywhere. Blesk asked pulmonologist Václava Bártő from the Budějovická Polyclinic if it could affect our health.

“The smell has no effect on healthy individuals, it’s just an unpleasant olfactory sensation. People living nearby are advised not to ventilate, not to go outside and not to exercise. Just wait for the smoke to dissipate over time. However, people who are more sensitive or those with chronic problems such as bronchitis, asthma, or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) may find it harder to breathe or cough more often.” explained the doctor.

Heart in danger

The head of the Lung Clinic of the FNHK doctor is concerned about the people around the fire. MD Vladimir Koblizek. “Moving closer to a fire site, i.e. within a few kilometers, can have unpleasant health consequences. According to an Australian study, we know that people are at risk, for example

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