Czechs prefer entertainment to heat

Nearly half (49 percent) of the eight hundred respondents in the survey stated that heating in homes is most often between 21 and 22 degrees. They don’t want to change anything in the coming summer, which has already started in most places in the Czech Republic. While 42 percent of people have no plans to lower the temperature at home, 29 percent are willing to lower it by just one degree. At the same time, Czechs don’t think much about buying products that can help reduce their heating bills, such as blackout curtains.

The House of Representatives supports limiting energy prices


As many as 39 percent of respondents said they were willing to lower their temperature when they were not at home and at night, when it is generally less hot. Only 6.5 percent of respondents plan to significantly lower their home temperature.

However, most Czechs prefer to indulge themselves by buying things they don’t really need, rather than lowering the temperature in their apartment or house. 68.5 percent of survey participants said they would rather save money on buying new clothes or electronics, 61 percent of respondents would like to save money on entertainment, in particular they would limit cultural and sporting events or holidays.


In the upcoming heating season, will you lower the temperature in your home (if you can influence it) for the sake of savings?

Yes, one degree Celsius at most

Yes, more than one degree Celsius

I won’t change the temperature, I’ll hide somewhere else

I’m not going to change the temperature or shrink myself

A total of 5862 readers voted.

He thought about what to heat up

Instead of spending on things they don’t need, people are forced to think about how to conserve energy, or what to flood their homes with in winter. Due to high energy prices, interest in wood, coal and alternative sources is growing.

Half of the people who build houses are interested in heat pumps and 42 percent in photovoltaic power generation, according to a survey of builders of wooden buildings RD Rýmařov. However, the Czech Chamber of Engineers and Authorized Technicians active in construction point out that a poorly selected method of using and operating a heat pump can lead to an increase in energy costs instead of a reduction.

What will help heat up? Heat pump, air conditioner, bathroom ladder

Tips and trends

Families disperse financial reserves

More and more households are struggling with their budgets – with energy, food, and in many cases, rising mortgage payments.

Data from Česká spořitelna, which takes into account declining purchasing power or differences in the size of each household’s budget, shows that seven percent of Czech households have no financial reserves and another third have less than one month. At the same time, a household that enjoys financial health, economists recommend, should have reserves to cover three months of expenses.

Nearly two-thirds of Czechs save money on food


“This requirement is not met by 55 percent of households in our country, of which 57 percent have already started reducing their reserves,” said David Navrátil, economist at Česká spořitelna.

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