Dagbladet continues to grow – now they have the largest digital readership growth in 2022

Today, new readership figures for the third quarter of 2022 are released from the National Association of Media Companies (MBL). The figure shows that Dagbladet continues to grow. In the last quarter, Dagbladet gained 123,000 more digital readers compared to the same quarter a year earlier.

For the first three quarters of this year compared to the same period last year, Dagbladet is therefore the online newspaper in Norway with the most new digital readers so far in 2022. It is written by the tabloid newspaper itself, which now stands at 1,340. 000 digital readers every day.

– The developments we see from time to time are now very interesting. Dagbladet wants to provide journalism that is most interesting to its readers, be it in the areas of updates, entertainment and information. The numbers so far in 2022 show that we are succeeding at this. We both feel humbled and grateful for this result, said Alexandra Beverfjordeditor in charge at Dagbladet in a press release.

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Biggest news growth
Dagbladet stated that in the news category the growth was the greatest.

– Over the years, we have built a strong and highly skilled news organization. This year we have used enormous resources to cover war and the humanitarian, social, political and economic consequences of this. This is our most important priority this year, said Beverfjord.

Dagbladet is now building a new newsroom to better deliver the latest news in the future, the newspaper wrote in its message.

Watch and Hr grows the most
Among Aller Media brands, Dagbladet is not the only one experiencing growth. Overall, the group experienced a nine percent growth in digital readers from the third quarter of last year to this year.

– Of course, this does not happen by itself; behind these figures lies the great effort of all our skilled employees. We are now continuing our offensive strategy and working towards new ambitious growth targets, said CEO Dag Sørsdahl, in his message.

Se og Hør’s position as the largest celebrity site in Norway with a growth of 38 percent. Norway’s leading news site for women, KK, is also on the rise – this time with nearly 37,000 new readers. Sol, Aller Media’s news aggregator, reaches more readers and has a growth rate of 28 percent.

– Aller Media has a strong and broad media portfolio, in which we have invested heavily over the past year. Between 60 and 70 new hires have found their way to Hasle. Both the editorial office, sales and marketing as well as the technology side have received significant reinforcements. Today’s MBL figures confirm that our strategy is working – more and more readers are finding their way to our solid brand, says Sørsdahl.

Here you can see Aller Media’s progress in the third quarter of last year compared to the third quarter of this year:

Website Digital reader growth Percentage change
Daily newspaper + 123,000 10%
See and hear +84,500 38%
KK + 37,000 26%
Sol.no + 44,000 28%

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