Damn talented kid. Brenda, 15, is starting to win among women

Brenda Fruhvirt. If you haven’t registered it yet, remember the name carefully. He is 15 years old and at the beginning of May we presented him to Czech readers as the greatest tennis wish in recent years in the Seznam Zpráv Sports Talent of the Year project. This blonde was ranked 377 at the time and was about to break into the world of adult women’s tennis.

Today, four months later, she has won two more women’s senior tournaments, making it four this year, and moved up to the top 300 rankings, where she is undoubtedly the youngest.

What’s more important, however, is how he won the last game. At the ITF tournament in Danderyd, Sweden, near Stockholm, he lost just one set in five games last week. First, he beat America’s Bourguignon, then Norway’s Elde, Greece’s Sakellaridi, Denmark’s Samavati and in Sunday’s final he swept former world number 23 Barthel of Germany 6-1, 6-3.

“He wants to reach the highest level possible, it’s difficult to say the number because it depends on the results in the big tournaments. As much as possible,” his father Hynek Fruhvirt told us a few months ago. “I don’t think he’s going to play much in the juniors anymore, he doesn’t even want to play there anymore. In his case it’s fine, he’ll do what he wants, and that’s the point.”

Father Fruhvirt predicted that exactly. And Brenda made a breakthrough in four months. Maybe even better and faster than the biggest optimists thought.

We had a chat with Roger Federer at the Laver Cup in Prague, and then with Serena Williams at Wimbledon. But everyone takes care of themselves, they do their own thing. I’m glad my sister and I can do it.

Brenda Fruhvirt

Very goal oriented, calm and complex player. He knows what he is doing and why he is doing it. He doesn’t do unnecessary things. This is its main feature. He has a good mental attitude, a strong soul, he will not be thrown away. During the game, all players experience stress, but the stress is minimal. “Brenda is a fighter and knows what’s going to happen on the pitch. She has a variety of games, she can play from defense as well as from attack and she can create games. She doesn’t play just one style,” explained the father.

We have to remind you that he is not alone, he very often has his sister who is two years his senior, just as talented, Linda by his side.

Brenda will surprise you with how organized she is in her head. He knows that experience and then physical strength play the most important role in great tennis. That was why he and his sister tried to proceed tactfully. They know that there is often a risk of injury and most of them in this period come from physical exercise. That’s why Brenda only works with her own weight and uses the services of a fitness trainer.

Sports talent of the year

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He had reasonable respect for the famous tennis stars around him, but he certainly wasn’t afraid of them. And it also has no pattern. “Not at all… We’ve been switching between them since we were kids, that seems normal to us. We had a chat with Roger Federer at the Laver Cup in Prague, then with Serena Williams at Wimbledon. But everyone takes care of themselves , they do their own thing. I’m glad my sister and I can do it,” Brenda recently told the Olymp website.

He went to the Bohumil Hrabal school in Libni, but only for exams, because he had to have individual plans. He is slowly preparing for the Business Academy in Prague 8, where his sister Linda is already attending school. He sharpened his tongue for it. He is fluent in English and studied French at school. Sister Linda is also learning Spanish, which also catches Brenda’s attention.

He likes to travel. He likes Europe the most – Italy, Croatia, France… Then America, where he prefers to go to Florida, but he’s also been to New York. A few years ago, he won a trip to the Australian Open in Melbourne, and he loved it there too.

Even Petr Pála, the de facto captain of the women’s tennis team and one of the biggest women’s tennis experts in the Czech Republic for a long time, agrees that Brenda is among Czech tennis’ biggest hopes. “However, the road to the top 100 in the world is still long and bumpy,” Pála points out in the spring. “It’s important for him to develop as a player, even considering he’s still developing physically. From my point of view, it’s very decisive where he will be in three years.”

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