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– In early 2022, the Ukrainian crisis hung like a dark shadow on the world and sport. I am glad that the sporting organization, despite considerable pressure, has decided on decisive action against Russia. Our position has been clear all along, we condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This is how Svendsen opened his final address to the football parliament as president of football. He took over as president of football in 2016, but chose not to run for re-election after six years in office.

Lise Klaveness is a nomination committee candidate as Svendsen’s successor as NFF president. After all the sun signs, he will be chosen on Sunday.

In Svendsen’s speech, it also became clear that the Norwegian Football Association had decided to donate NOK 500,000 to the Red Cross relief work for the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Svendsen also referred to the “frustrated” shutdown of football wide through the coronavirus pandemic and football’s handling of a possible boycott of the World Cup in Qatar.

Mention the Qatar debate

Svendsen thanked both sides who debated the proposed boycott of the World Cup in Qatar.

– This year has been a year of great debate and much commitment around human rights issues and especially measures to improve conditions for migrant workers in Qatar. “It is commendable that the club and supporters took the initiative for a broad debate, which demonstrates a strong commitment to an important issue,” said Svendsen.

The Football Parliament decided in an extraordinary way in June last year that Norway would not boycott the championship. It became clear with a vote that showed 368-121 in favor of an impartial party. Pressure on Qatar should be carried out through dialogue and demands for improvement.

– Our A national team is also involved in the debate and gets great international attention for their marks. It shows that we have the management of the national team and a group of players who care deeply about the situation and want to put this issue on the agenda. “We are proud of the initiative we took in this case,” said Svendsen.

Klaveness takes over

On Sunday, Lise Klaveness will take over as president of football after all the sun signs.

Klaveness will become the first female football president in Norwegian football history. He has been the elite director of association football since 2018.

Profile The former national team has a law degree and previously worked as an assistant referee at the Oslo District Court and special counsel for Norges Bank, in addition to his career as a football player.

The 40-year-old played a total of 73 international matches during his football career. He represented Sandviken, Bjørnar, Athene Moss, Asker, Ume and Stabæk at club level.

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