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FOR a few days ago went one history in Russia that Olympic champion Denis Spitsov refused to attend Vladimir Putin’s grand olympic celebration scheduled Tuesday all week.

These rumors from Spitsov’s website are flying so fast on social media Media that Putin’s own propaganda website RIA Novosti should issue a rebuttal:

Whoever wrote this about Denis should lose his accreditation and whatnot, so Borodavko jury; Spitsov’s longtime coach from RIA Novosti as if the rumors were established journalistic news:

The person concerned should also apologize as this information has not been confirmed at all. I repeat: you must apologize to the practitioner!, advanced Borodavko is somewhat theatrical, and assured that Denis Spitsov has been quarantined for several weeks to infection free and clean for a meeting with the Almighty Vladimir Putin.

Just to give this story more circulation among Russian home audiences.

ABOUT Denis Spitsov did intend to boycott Putin’s celebrations, it’s hard to know. Such sensitive news from the absolute elite of Russian sport is currently impossible to control.

After all, the incident must have damaged the ski leaders. Rumors about Spitsov’s possible personal actions spread so quickly in Russia that the cross-country manager himself took action:

This person is the sender on the Spitsov website. Many reposted the message. You need to ask the writer to ask where he got this story from, explained Jelena Vlbe in an interview with the major Russian online sports site

In the same vein, he stopped any open investigation into what really happened:

No writer. This is a website where anyone can write. Of course, this information is not truehe said, ensuring that Denis Spitsov would appear on the podium with Vladimir Putin during the regime’s tribute to the heroes of the Olympics.

Search far!

THAT he probably will.

Not so in Russia where the internal security services are at least as well-resourced as the military, so it is possible to anonymously insult Putin in such a way.

Putin women and men know who which tells the story that Denis Spitsov with gold from the relay during the last Olympics, will not appear for the propaganda show.

But if this really was Denis himself, he was more than brave.

Spitsov reacts to doping suspicions against Norwegian athletes

Spitsov reacts to doping suspicions against Norwegian athletes

IN A increasingly closed Russia has the biggest sports stars the opportunity to challenge leadership on superficial issues. Like the personal struggles of ski favorite Veronika Stepanova to lead an active celebrity life:

Just skiing fast is not enough. You and your sport are only remembered one week after you win, write Stepanova recently on her site.

To keep people from forgetting cross-country skiing, you have to offer yourself. I want cross-country skiing to be seen all year roundhe continued.

In recent weeks, Veronika Stepanova has received widespread support for all her TV shows. The latest from the Russian commentator teacher Dmitry Guberniev in a fresh new assault on Jelena Vlbe’s attempts to keep the young girl out of the limelight.

Pjatt was thus possible even during the war. But the question of what is happening on Denis Spitsov’s website is unfortunately very serious in Putin’s Russia.

In trouble after the TV show

In trouble after the TV show

BECAUSE OF THAT Spitsov will probably attend the agreed-upon Olympics no matter what he thinks. Anything else would mean the end of his sports career. Only Alexander Bolshunov legally granted rot because, according to the authorities, he will be operated on.

Under Putin, these parties have become a tradition. It is often shared there extra big gift as horse races, luxury cars and apartments. Also, this is an opportunity to honor the regime’s practitioners. Or sometimes stars banned from the Olympics for Russian doping scams.

The few that didn’t show up were done. Aleksandr Lesun understands that; Russian Olympic champion in modern pentathlon, who retired live in February in protest of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine:

The situation here in Russia has become very serious, notified Whirlwind recently in a BBC interview:

Previously, you could be arrested for 15 days for protesting publicly. Now it can be up to three years, and in some cases even 15 years.

Provoking Norway!

Provoking Norway!

HOWEVER Aleksandr Lesun took the opportunity. He felt he had no choice:

Sports stars in Russia are like tools. Propaganda tools, so him to the BBC, and added:

But no one thinks about the effect this action has on other people’s lives. No one thought that such actions led to the deaths of boys and girls, men and women and the elderly.

Everyone can decide for himself what he does. But they have to live with that choice.

Russian Lies

Russian Lies

A LITTLE stars living in Russia have followed the example of this very brave Olympic champion. The invited stars will come to Putin this week.

There they would receive as many lavish gifts as the regime deems appropriate to give to their sporting heroes in a depressed national war economy:

  • But the gift that everyone at the party wanted, Putin couldn’t give it.

It’s no longer the Russians who decide which sports stars can compete around the world.

Abused by Putin

Abused by Putin

NOW Russia is very worried about what will happen to their biggest star during the boycott. They had realized that the ostracism would last a long time. The discussion in the sports media is about how training can be changed to the best it can be in the future.

Most vulnerable is ski magnate Aleksandr Bolshunov, who clearly needs more competition to maintain sky-high levels. In the recent Russian championship he was in a class of his own:

The injustice of the whole world affected Bolshunov. He was cynically robbed of the big win, means commentators on who consider the strengthening of the Bolshunov national training group a poor substitute for international competitions:

You might be able to practice properly before one season to win the Russian championship. But if we hypothetically imagine that the FIS ban lasts two years, then this will be a test for even the most talented skier of all time., write him, and asked:

Will she have the drive and strength to save the career that those on the outside are trying to destroy?

POSSIBLE no and that’s sad. No foreign competitor wanted to keep Bolshunov and other Russians out of fair competition. Russia’s only problem is that they themselves have long destroyed this competition by abusing their own elite sport as nationalist propaganda.

The war in Ukraine is an example of what this nationalism means by crime outside the world of sport.

Rumor has it that very young cross-country skier, Denis Spitsov, has figured that out.

A war comes with many stories, but it would be nice if that the rumors were true.

Swearing Norway

Swearing Norway


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