Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited Sweden; he spoke among other things about security and the war in Ukraine

Deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk visited Sweden, where he spoke with local Foreign Ministry representatives and politicians dealing with the European Union and NATO about energy policy, closer cooperation, and security and war in Ukraine, said that ministry.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who was in Sweden on Wednesday and Thursday met with Robert Rydberg, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden, Jessica Roswall, deputy chair of the European Union Riksdag. Committees and Members of the Swedish Parliament of the Parliamentary Group on NATO.

“The topics of conversation with Swedish partners were Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Eastern policies with special emphasis on Belarus, security issues, including the ongoing process of Sweden’s (and Finland’s) accession to NATO, energy policy and closer bilateral cooperation” – he announced in press release MFA press spokesman ukasz Jasina.

As reported, at the meeting, the Swedish side presented plans with respect to the country’s presidency at the Council of the European Union from January 1, 2023.

On Wednesday, when it was Ukrainian Independence Day, Szynkowski vel Sęk spoke with the Ukrainian ambassador to Sweden, Andriy Płahotniuk, ensuring long-term solidarity between Warsaw and Kiev.

In addition, the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ambassador opened the exhibition “Mom, I don’t want war !!!”, a Polish-Ukrainian archive project that presents pictures of Polish children from 1946, which is a record of their experiences during the War World II and the German occupation of 1939-1945, preserved in the Archives of Modern Records in Warsaw, in the team of the Ministry of Education 1945-1966, and contemporary drawings of Ukrainian children depicting the ongoing war.

Szynkowski vel Sęk announced at the inauguration of the exhibition that the Polish diplomatic mission would display the exhibition in the most symbolic of locations so that the world would not forget the war, because no one – especially children – had to suffer from it.

The communique stated that the deputy minister highly values ​​the partnership between Poland and Sweden, which is based on a common sensitivity to eastern issues and a joint assessment of threats in the Baltic Sea region.

“As authors of the concept of the Eastern Partnership, we feel a special responsibility to support Ukraine in its struggle for itself and for the values ​​of the free world” – stressed Szynkowski vel Sęk, quoted in a press release. The two countries – as we read in the information from the ministry spokesman – cooperate with military, humanitarian and political assistance, an example of which was the joint donor conference held on May 5 in Warsaw by Prime Ministers Mateusz Morawiecki and Magdalena Andersson.

“Swedish interlocutors agree that it is necessary to continue to collect evidence of war crimes committed by Moscow, which must be fully accounted for,” reads the press release.

During the talks, the prospect of another package of sanctions against Russia was discussed, including the issue of limiting the issuance of visas to Russian citizens, suspending implementation of the EU-Russia visa facilitation agreement, or cutting Russia off from Western technology.

“Deputy Minister Szynkowski vel Sęk presented a non-paper + Russian decoupling of European + technology developed by Poland, asked Sweden for its support at the EU forum. During the talks, attention was drawn to the growing importance of disinformation as a combat tool widely used by Moscow” – said ukasz Jasina . “The deputy minister stressed that + we must responsibly and reliably inform the public about the indirect effects of the war caused by Putin, such as rising energy prices and inflation. This is necessary so that society permanently unites around the idea of ​​helping Ukraine +” – he telling you.

Szynkowski vel Sęk discusses with partners the process of Sweden joining NATO. “Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO is great news for Poland. Together, we are more effective,” the deputy minister said, quoted by the ministry, recalling the firm and cross-party support from the Polish government and parliament for the recognition. Stockholm and Helsinki to NATO.

In addition, during his stay in Sweden, the deputy minister met with Poles at the Polish Embassy and laid flowers at the Haga Norra Catholic cemetery in Solna near Stockholm, where many prominent Poles are buried.

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