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Diamond League at Silesia Stadium! The audience would not have a moment of rest during the appearance of the queen’s maids and knights.

Five-time world hammer thrower Paweł Fajdek, trainer Damian Kamiński and rapper Ryszard “Peja” Andrzejewski composed and performed the song announcing the 14th Silesian Diamond League meeting. Memorial for them. Kamila Skolimowska. This musical project is not accidental. The Olympic champion from Sydney’2000 is an admirer of the rapper’s work. Who knows, maybe the rap performed by this trio will become the anthem of this event?

Many stars

In the “Witch’s Cauldron” – as the Silesia Stadium is called – nearly 50 medalists of the World and European Olympic Championships and five current world record holders will compete in 19 competitions.

Last year, on August 6, DL came to Śląskie for the first time, replacing the competition that was canceled in China due to pandemic restrictions. At that time, admission to Śląski was free and about 30,000 people sat in the stands. fan. Will it be better on Sunday?

Fajdek, one of the ambassadors for the event, has been trying his best to appreciate the competition for some time. For now, only the organizers of the gatherings in Oslo and Chorzów allow hammer throwing competitions. But it’s hard to imagine the competition in Śląskie without the hammer throwers, because Kamila Skolimowska looked down and cheered her friends and colleagues on.

The bosses decide which competition is played in a particular encounter. Local organizers reserve the right to include several “national” events in the program. Hence the hammer competition, as well as high hurdles and 1500 runners. These events do not count toward the DL score. In hurdles we will see among others: Grant Holloway, Devon Allen and runner-up Trey Cunningham.

Could be a record

The “diamond” competition is full of stars. Armand Duplantis, the phenomenon of pole vaulting, according to communal rumors, began to organize calendar starts for competitions in Stockholm and Chorzów. Not so long ago, on July 2, in front of his own crowd, after scoring 6.05, he failed to reach a world record of 6.23. Bad weather conditions prevented him from doing so.

Who knows, maybe the Swede in Śląskie will try to improve his best results again? Duplantis’ rivals will include American KC Lightfoot and Piotr Lisek. We were curious how our representative, who stabilized his form at a level of around 5.80, would perform, but it was clearly not enough to take the podium during the prestigious competition.

The ball will fly

Ryan Crouser, two-time Olympic champion, set a new world record of 23.54 in the spring in Los Angeles. This guarantees the ball will fly far. The competitors will be Joe Kovacs and Tom Walsh. Of course, there will be Michał Haratyk. However, this season he is far from optimal form.

The technical competition has an outstanding cast. In the women’s high jump, we will see m.in. Jarosława Mahuczich, Nicola Olyslagers and Eleanora Patterson, and among the Olympic champions – Mutaz Essa Barshima and Gianmarco Tamberi. A few days before the event in Chorzów, the start of the triple jump was announced by Yulimar Rojas from Venezuela, world record holder (15.74).

Running emotions

However, we may be very excited to run both short and long distances. We’ll see in action: our best sprinters – Ewa Swoboda in 100 m and Natalia Kaczmarek in 400 m. with Jamaican five-time Olympic medalist Shericka Jackson (10.65 seconds last weekend) or Ivory Coast’s tireless Marie-Josee Ta-Lou.

In turn, Kaczmarek will face Dominican world champion Marileida Paulino. In the 100 m hurdles, next to our “export” hurdler Pia Skrzyszowska, in the starting blocks we will see Olympic champion from Tokyo and list of world leaders Jasmine Camacho Quinn and Tobi Amusan and Kendra Harrison.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen, the Olympic champion who set a new European record with a time of 3:27.95 during the meet in Oslo, will start in the 1500 m start. The Norwegian was one of the first to confirm a start in Śląskie. This will be his last trip before the World Championships in Budapest in August.

In the photo: Diamond League at Silesia Stadium. Natalia Kaczmarek is closing in on Irena Szewińska’s historical record for the 400 m. Can he beat him this time?

Photo. Marcin Bulanda/Focus of the Press

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