“Die Welt” about Rzeszów’s key role. “War would be very different”

“Die Welt” about Rzeszów’s key role

| Grzegorz Bukała / Rzeszów Town Hall photo

News The German daily “Die Welt” published a report on Rzeszów, presenting the pivotal role of the capital Podkarpacie in the context of the war in Ukraine.

It has long been said in the media that Rzeszów is now one of the most important cities on the map of Europe and indeed the whole world. Naturally, it is related to the war that is happening beyond our eastern borders. The very important role of the capital city of Podkarpacie was again emphasized in a report published on Monday (03/06/2023) in the German daily “Die Welt”.

Rzeszów is militarily secured like no other city in Europe. […] The Americans, but also other allies, knew that without the infrastructure, warehouses and logistics created in Rzeszów it would be nearly impossible to supply the Ukrainian army. War might be different. Especially Volodymyr Zelensky knows this

– wrote newspaper correspondent Philipp Fritz.


The report also includes an interview with the mayor of Rzeszów, Konrad Fijołek. The President said that the role of the capital city of Podkarpacie should not be too prominent in Europe, because there have been cyber attacks.

My city has changed radically. Until recently, we were on the edge of the EU. Today we are at the center of world politics. It is felt every year

– said Konrad Fijołek in the newspaper “Die Welt”.

Mayor Rzeszów also acknowledged that facing the pain of war, it may sound strange, but the city and region are experiencing an economic boom.

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