Discussion: Immortal spent 370 thousand crowns on Diablo, then the author sent another one

I respect the bullshit here again… I hope he gives it to them and such. Sarcasm itself…

Well, he gave them a pretty good time, because when people see this, they don’t give them any more money. Quina is already host to many other streamers/youtubers, including Asmongold. Diablo Immortal is objectively a beautiful game that, if it didn’t have aggressive monetization, its creators could have made a lot of money. Currently, they earned around 24 million USD in the first weeks (that is when the hype was greatest). Now let’s compare it to Genshin Impact, which was over 100 million for the same period. Whether you want to admit it or not, today’s influencers have a huge influence on you. I installed it too, it got to lvl 60 and went from it just yesterday, because it’s just a job and I don’t stand a chance against payers in endgame content.

Now Blizzard is starting to go down, as people realize what the game is all about. They have a 10M install, now I want to see the deletion number.

Just to give you an idea – the best gap is for 10 legendary peaks, it’s around 25 USD. F2P players can buy 1 per month. And it’s not that he doesn’t have a menu. He could only buy one per month. That is. roughly once a year I have a chance to open a gap, where I have a 1:2000 chance on a 5 star gem.

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