DNV: Singapore is the best maritime city in the world

Singapore still topped the list of the world’s five leading maritime cities, in a new survey prepared by DNV in collaboration with Menon Economics, the last time a report on the top cities was released in 2019.

Singapore even tops the list in the subcategory of maritime technology and competitiveness, in addition to being second on the shipping list. The shipping category is topped by Athens, but is also the only Greek capital city on this year’s list.

Opened in Europe

“Singapore has maintained the top spot as the city has firmly in the five pillars,” DNV wrote in the report.

Also in the long term, the next five years, DNV believes that Singapore will maintain the top ranking, while Shanghai will grow and become the second most important city. In Europe, however, it is more open, while Hamburg and Athens have lost ground since the survey in 2019, DNV and Menon Economics believe that London, Oslo and Rotterdam will compete for leading cities.

In all categories; shipping, law and finance, maritime technology, ports and logistics as well as attractiveness and competitiveness, here are the best maritime cities:

1. Singapore

2. Rotterdam

3. London

4. Shanghai

5. Tokyo

Our own capital, Oslo, did not reach the top five overall this time around, but it is in second place on the list of the best cities in maritime technology, fourth on the legal and financial list, and fifth on the list of the most attractive and competitive cities.

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