Dodge’s electric muscle cars will keep their spirits up, says boss Tim Kuniskis

America’s strong car culture, modifications and racing will live on, even if these cars run on electricity, not gasoline, thinks Team Kuniskis. However, before everyone gets used to it, it will be years, he said.

American automaker Dodge ended production of its Challenger and Charger models on its existing six- and eight-cylinder platforms under the hood with great fanfare. The 2023 model year is the last, from next year, powerful “Americans”, so-called muscle cars, will be exclusively electric in Dodge.

The head of the auto company, Tim Kuniskis, insists that despite the fact that the eight-cylinder “bubble” with a cross-crankshaft will play most of the time on the radio for powerful new Dodge customers, the future is not bleak. On the contrary, in his opinion, it should really be fun.

“There is a huge amount of potential in this technology,” let himself be heard. “I get it – not everyone will switch to this technology right away, and some won’t at all. It took years for people to get used to it. Kuniskis said, adding that once people see what Dodge can do with electric cars, they will start to get the news.

“It might make a different sound, but people modifying cars, making them faster, competing with each other, it’s not going away. They say the first sprint race was held while they were building the second car. he continued, adding that nothing would change about the people competing over who was the fastest, funniest or more “Cold” car.

What he didn’t reveal, however, were the specific components of the brand’s electric future. For months now, the Charger Daytona concept has been around, taking design inspiration from the original Dodge Charger from the late 1960s, also reviving the three-pronged “fratzog” logo, but adding an electric powertrain to it. When and in what form will the production car be a star, but it’s likely that at least one production Dodge will be introduced this year.

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