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The trailer for the documentary “Our man in Warsaw” was shown Friday in the main issue of “Wiadomości”. – For years, Europe saw only Russian aggression and subsequent crimes, entered into new political and business deals, and Putin was able to terrorize other countries – said Danuta Honecka.

“Our man in Warsaw” is an excerpt from an article by the Russian portal reported on Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s visit to Moscow in February 2008. In the following years, they were used by the antagonists of Tusk and the Civic Platform to criticize Poland’s relations with Russia under PO-PSL rules.

In the trailer, photos of the destruction and victims of the war in Ukraine are mixed with photos of Vladimir Putin. Shots from some of his encounters with Donald Tusk are shown (including a conversation on the Sopot wharf during the celebration of the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II in 2009) and a conversation with Angela Merkel (when given a bouquet of flowers).

There are also a few brief statements: General Roman Polko about Vladimir Putin, Marek Pyza of the weekly magazine “Sieci” about the leader of the PO (“Donald Tusk did a lot to make Vladimir Putin even more insolent”) and two statements by Tusk: with exposure on the season fall 2007 (“We want dialogue with Russia as it is”) and during a visit to Moscow (“We can achieve something interesting together”).

In “Widomości” a series of material criticizing Tusk

In recent weeks, the main issue of News published almost daily material criticizing the Civil Platform and Donald Tusk in the context of the war in Ukraine: both for statements and current positions on the activities of the ruling camp, as well as decisions on relations with Russia in 2007-2015.

In mid-March, in one of the issues, Maciej Sawicki stated in his material that in 2009, during the celebration of the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, after Lech Kaczyński’s speech, Tusk did not applaud, but like Vladimir Putin “rubbed his hands nervously.”

At the end of March, the National Broadcasting Council received a complaint about the inscription on the “strip”: “EPP – Putin’s European Party”. This was conveyed by former KRRiT member Krzysztof Luft, former TVP president Janusz Daszczyński and deputy PO Iwona ledzińska-Katarasińska.

Marcin Tulicki prepares report on tvN and Adamowicz

“Our man in Warsaw” will be another film by Marcin Tulicki, broadcast simultaneously on TVP1 and TVP Info. On December 19, the stations showed the document “Hold on” in a very critical tone, which described the history of tvN, its former owner – ITI Group, and the news programs and current affairs of the broadcaster.

On that day, protests against “lex tvN” took place across the country. On TVP Info and TVP news programs, there is almost no information about this demonstration.

However, at the end of January this year. the documentary “You are a destructive mechanism …” is shown, depicting how the former president of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, was criticized by PO politicians and private media.

Many journalists criticized this document, in the entries the terms “lampoon” and “scandal” appeared. – This is just another routine lie – comments Andrzej Stankiewicz from Onet.

Marcin Tulicki has been a reporter for Wiadomości for several years, reporting on conflicts in various places around the world. From the second half of February to mid-March, he reported on the war in Ukraine.

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