Double murder charge held for four weeks – VG

INVESTIGATION: Forensic scientists were at the scene Monday.

The man in his 50s accused of killing his wife and daughter in Kristiansand was jailed for four weeks, confirmed defender Nils Anders Grøns to VG. Two weeks will be in complete isolation.


– I can confirm that the defendant has been detained for four weeks, defense attorney Nils Anders Grønås told VG.

Grønås said that the accused had not yet been questioned, based on his state of health. The man has been hospitalized since he was arrested.

– This is an ongoing assessment being made, but realistically he will probably be questioned no earlier than next week. Beyond that, I can’t comment on his state of health or the content of the District Court’s ruling, Grønås said.

The defense said, however, that the accused man was having a hard time.

– I can’t say much about what we’ve talked about, but I see that he struggles a lot.

Formerly TV 2 who mentioned the prison sentence first. The district court has officially jailed the man for four weeks or until he can be questioned, they wrote.

Complete isolation for two weeks

The verdict was handed down after going through a written process at the prosecutor’s office without the presence of the defendant or other perpetrators, the police said in a statement pers conference.

– The court’s verdict was available on Thursday afternoon, and the defendant was detained for four weeks at the request of the police. The accused was placed in full isolation for the first two weeks and thereafter a letter and visit ban and a media ban during that period, said police attorney Bernt Olav Bryge.

He further stated that the contents of the ruling were excluded from publicity.

The prison meeting for the man accused of killing his wife and daughter in Kristiansand on Monday was scheduled for 10 a.m. on Thursday.

The case is proceeding as office business, and the defense attorney said before the verdict was known that he had filed demands for the man to be released.

– He cannot appear in court and the court will not hear his views on the case, nor will he be questioned. This is because of his health condition, Grønås explains at law firm Wigemyr & Co.

He said that his client was still in the hospital and receiving medical treatment.

– I have to file a claim according to what is most favorable to him, namely release, or the alternative is to shorten the confinement period to 14 days, said Grønås.

ACCUSED: Lawyer Nils Grøns.

Police moved in Monday at 13:20 with a large force on reports of two women seriously injured at a private address in the Sm district of Kristiansand.

The two women who died were Najah Alsharaa (42) and Khadijeh Saed (20). The defendant was the husband and father of those killed.

When police arrived on the scene, they started treatment to save lives, but both women died soon after arriving at the emergency room at Sørlandet hospital.

Ten minutes later, the now accused man appeared at prison guards in Kristiansand, where he reported himself to the police. He was brought there by someone police describe as a witness.

POLICE LAWYER: Bernt Olav Bryge in the Agder police district.

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