Drive To Survive | Season 5 will be released in February!

The world of Formula 1 is really exciting – but you don’t always notice it when you’re just watching the races on TV and often fall asleep watching them. Only when you start to look at it very deeply, focus on the details and try to look behind the curtains, you will discover its true beauty.

And it is precisely the Drive To Survive series that helps many fans to do this – it shows them the exciting stories that happen behind it, brings an unprecedented angle to the race and all the events around it, and is able to present it in an easy form digestible so that it will satisfy fake connoisseurs, beginners and people who are not too interested in the world of fast bikes. Drive To Survive has really rendered a great service to Formula 1 over the last four years.

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The Drive to Survive docuseries helped F1 gain new fans

And now there’s a fifth series premiere charting the 2022 season. From a casual fan’s point of view, it can look downright boring – after all, Red Bull dominates most of the races and Max Verstappen defends his championship practically unscathed. But that is only a superficial view.

Mercedes, the favorites for the title, struggled last season due to technical problems. Ferrari, on the other hand, was at times behind Red Bull, but often threw races away with tactical or driving errors – ultimately costing the team boss his job. It is also interesting the story of the end of Mick Schumacher, Daniel Ricciardo and Jost Capito (former Williams head), Vettel’s farewell, and vice versa not saying goodbye to Alonso. Let’s see what and how this new series will address…

And we’ll see today, when the fifth season officially premieres on the Netflix channel.

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