Due to the emergency landing, the passengers were unable to celebrate the coming of the new year

The Dreamliner landed there due to a possible oil leak in one of the plane’s two engines.

Passengers get a beer on a deserted beach, but they won’t be able to enjoy the New Year’s festivities anywhere.

The replacement plane that will transport them to their destination will take off with them on New Year’s Eve at three in the morning local time (New Year’s Eve 15:00 CET), but they will cross the data line immediately after takeoff. which is why it will be New Year’s morning. The aircraft will land in Sydney on New Year’s Day at 07:15 (New Year’s Eve 21:15 CET).

According to the flight crew, some passengers were bothered by this, but others enjoyed the local nature and hospitality in places they would not have visited before.

However, the passengers’ relatives complained that the airline did not inform them. 60-year-old Leonie Buttová, who was expecting her 30-year-old son and two grandchildren, noticed that the plane had deviated from its intended route, so she called the airline.

However, United Airlines solved the problem perfectly because there was nowhere else to land in the Pacific.

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