Dzurillo’s Digitization Commissioner is gone

According to Babi, the reason for his resignation was because Dzurilla did not want to work in the new cabinet.

On Thursday, Dzurilla filed Babi’s claim in court. “We are now talking to Pak (Ivan) Barto, as he has become Deputy Prime Minister of Digitization, that this position does not make sense now. It means that Pak Barto took over,” said Dzurilla to TK.

Asked what he would do next, he said he was the head of two state-owned companies. Since January 2018, he has served as Director of the National Agency for Communication and Information Technology (NAKIT), two years earlier he served as Director of the State Treasury of the Joint Service Center (SPCSS).

Barto: Cooperation will be possible

Bartoš said he worked closely with Dzurilla during the election period. “We talked about whether it would continue in some form. Logically, we came to the conclusion that if my position is as Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalization, the position of the government representative is useless at this time,” he added. They are also discussing further cooperation.” I think it will be possible,” said Bartos. He refused to fire Dzurilla, but also that the commissioner would refuse to cooperate with the new government.

Last January, Babi announced that he would nominate Dzurilla for the state award. It hasn’t been given yet, and the last handover date announced by Castle was March.

Dzurilla has been a digitizing agent since 2018. During the coidem epidemic, he was responsible for, among other things, the development of the eRouška application, the vaccination registration system and the Tečka and Tečka applications.

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