Eckhoff wins at Holmenkollen and beats Berger

Eckhoff thus achieved 28 World Cup victories. This means that she emerges at Tora Berger’s side as the all-time most won Norwegian female biathlete at the World Cup.

– It’s really fun and a real boost. It’s much better than the last two rounds. But there wasn’t much spark in the last half. Then I stiffened. “I’m very happy,” Eckhoff told NRK.

Marte Olsbu Røiseland (31) is third, and that means he won the sprint cup. She was 9.4 seconds behind Eckhoff in the finish and had 2.4 seconds for Austrian Lisa Theresa Hauser in 2nd place.


Both Røiseland and Eckhoff missed the final shots while standing. Both have full houses lying around.

– This is a tough and exhausting race. It really is Easter out there. “It’s really annoying to miss the last shot, but so much fun to win the sprint cup,” Olsbu Røiseland told NRK.

He took the podium for the first time in a race at Holmenkollen.

Norway’s strong position means that they also determine the match for the overall winner in the National Cup in the match with Sweden.


Olsbu Røiseland are also fighting for the overall World Cup title against Elvira berg of Sweden. The latter occurred as many as three explosions on the lay and only number 16 at the end on Friday.

Froland’s runners are well placed to decide everything as Saturday’s hunt begins. On Sunday, the World Cup in biathlon ended with a joint start in Holmenkollen.

– It might be difficult to win overall if Marte doesn’t fall and break the skis, Elvira berg told NRK.

Ragnhild Femsteinvik was 15th with two blasts, and Karoline Knotten was 19th after one blast. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold is number 26, Ida Lien 46, Karoline Erdal 50 and Emilie gheim Kalkenberg number 63.

The top 60 will kick off on Saturday’s hunt.

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