Edtech company Ludenso will sell publisher Isaac Newton’s publications


Ludenso enters into agreement to offer 3D technology for Cambridge University Press.

The publishing house of Cambridge University Press originates from the University of Cambridge and is the oldest university publisher in the world.

Great minds like John Milton, Bertrand Russell, Stephan Hawking and Isaac Newton are on the list of merits.

Under the agreement, Ludenso will make available “augmented reality” technology, a form of interactive 3D modeling, to publications that wish to use it.

The agreement has been concluded with the Cambridge Partnership for Education subdivision.

Ludenso augmented reality example

– We work directly with authorities and NGOs to strengthen education for millions of school children around the world. The technology we offer in partnership with Ludenso has the potential to change the way students learn through 3D models, video experiments, sound and links to further reading material, said Lewis Birchon who heads Publishing Solutions at Cambridge Partnerships for Education.

company founder Eirik G. Wahlstrom said in the comments that he was very satisfied with the deal.

– After the pandemic, it was clear that hybrids were here to stay.

The startup has, among other things Johan brand and Jamie Brooker who is the founder of Kahoot as an investor.

Ludenso just walked in 10 million new kroner from, among others, Ferd

The service was launched in the UK two months ago.

The company then also accepts Matthew Jones who took on the London company Perlego went from 0 to 3,000 publishers, and plans to repeat business with Ludenso.

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